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Kissimmee Gardens -  Kissimmee, Florida

55+ Manufactured Home Community

2552 To hope Blvd
Kissimmee, Florida 34741

Kissimmee Florida

Truly the playground of the South!

You'll never be at a loss for ways to entertain your family and friends when they come to visit you in your new Florida Home.  Your youth will be restored as you stroll along the streets of the Magic Kingdom, you can take a flight with Peter Pan, join in a mission to Mars, travel 20,000 leagues under the sea or join in a birthday celebration for Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and the gang.

A world in itself, Walt Disney World will take you to faraway lands through EPCOT's Wold Showcase.  Miniature replicas of eleven countries, including the Untied States, are on display. They include Mexico with the Aztec pyramid, a Viking River voyage to an authentic Norwegian village, China's Temple of Heaven, Germany's Octoberfest year round, Italy's Bell Tower at St. Mark's Square in Venice, a five story Japanese pagoda, and France's Eiffel Tower.  EPCOT Center, an educationally-oriented complex, was a dream of Walt Disney before he died.  The successor of Disney decided to undertake the task of building Disney's dream city.  They imported engineers, architects, craftsmen, and building materials from China, Europe, and Japan.  This theme park is twice the size of the Magic Kingdom; you enter the park through a 17-story sphere called Spaceship Earth.  Future World takes you from prehistoric days at The Universe of Energy, to a World of Motion following the progress of locomotion, to Horizons looking ahead into the 21st Century.  You take a microscope tour of the human immune system in Wonders of Life and at the Land Pavilion you will see a tropical rain forest, a desert, and a prairie along with touring the worlds of nutrition, food production and harvest.  The Living Seas will take you to the world's largest saltwater tank, holding 5 1/2 million gallons of water, containing an underwater Sea Base.

Children will scream with excitement as they plunge down the 260-foot slide into Bay Cove at River Country.  Disney Village Marketplace and Pleasure Island offer a wide variety of shops, fine dining and nighttime entertainment.

At Sea World, feed the dolphins and walk through the maze of man-eating sharks, watch the antics of the "Penguin Encounter", and thrill to the high-flying feats of the Sea World water-skiers.  The Topical Reef and Caribbean Tide Pool is the largest South Pacific coral reef display in the United States.  It contains more than 1,000 tropical fish and holds 160,000 gallons of water.  Sea World has one of the largest collections of marine life in the world and is one of the few places where you can pet, feed , and give the mammals a kiss.  In all, Sea World features more than 20 educational and entertaining exhibits.

Folk legend tells us that Kissimmee received its name from an  Indian brave who tells his lover how beautiful she is and her reply was "Well, Kiss-i-me".  There are many stories as to how the town received its name, however, its roots tract back to a small  trading post named Allendale and it wasn't until 1881 when Hamilton Disston, a Philadelphia businessman, purchased 4 million acres of marshland and plains that the area came alive.  He had the land drained and deepened the Kissimmee River so that products could be shipped into the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.  This allowed shipment of cypress lumber and sugar cane in and out of the area.

In 1521, on Ponce de Leon's second trip to Florida, he brought with him both cattle and horses, making Florida the oldest cattle-raising state, it was 1624 before any other states had cattle.  Kissimmee is the headquarters of the Florida Cattlemen's Association.  Here, you can find some of the best beef in the country.  In February the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show is held along with the Silver Spurs Rodeo.

At the time Walt Disney World came to the area in 1971, the population of Kissimmee was 7,500, today over 66,000 people reside within the corporate limits of the city, and a total of 323,000 within Osceola County.

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