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Shadow Wood Village

Manufactured Home Living in Hudson, Florida!

14709 Shadowwood Blvd
Hudson, Florida 34667


Pasco County boast having some of the most beautiful ecosystems in the southeastern United States.  With over 123 miles of waterfront, both natural coastline and river frontage, along with thousands of acres of undisturbed wilderness, the County has an abundance of nature related activities to enjoy.

Timeuca and Seminole Indians were the first inhabitants of the Hudson area.  The many waterways and lush woods provided an ample bounty of food.  Their reign over the land lasted from the 1300's to the 1700's.  You can visit the old Indian burial grounds at Grace Memorial Gardens.

Between the 1600-1800's pirates used the many inlets, coves and bayous of Hudson as a safe haven for their ill gotten gains.  There are many stories of buried treasures on the surrounding islands.  Exploring House Island you will discover much toiled soil as evidence of distant treasure hunters.

During Prohibition the same inlets and waterways used by the pirates aided liquor runners in avoiding the authorities.  They could sneak into the shallow water of Sleepy Lagoon where the Coast Guard could not follow.

In the mid 50's a group of local businessmen put together a plan to make Hudson a desireable retirement area.  They began developing communities and dredging canals for waterfront lots.  Today, the canal system is "one of the most extensive cohesive inland waterway systems in the nation, 25 miles of them".

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