Build Your Dream Home Now

Posted: April 18, 2017 by Global Administrator
Summer is the ideal time to move into or build a new home for most families, but in order to do so, research and planning should start now. There are a lot of factors that families should consider when making a big move, and we’ve reviewed three of the biggest ones below.

Schools When You Move Into A New Home
Whether you’re moving into a better neighborhood or building your dream home on a gorgeous piece of land outside of the city, uprooting your family can be tough even when it’s for the best. Choosing the right school often creates more stress for families than building a new home, but researching the schools around your new neighborhood and taking your children on visits to each will help make the transition much smoother. You also should reach out to the school itself or other parents in the area to ask specific questions; or check out school websites and online resources that rate schools on a variety of factors.
In Florida, families can utilize School Choice if they would like their children to attend a public or charter school outside of their zone. Controlled open enrollment for School Choice starts early and options are based on school capacity, so you’ll want to start this step as early as possible! For more information, check out the Florida Department of Education.

Zoning When You Build A New Home
Zoning and permits are an arduous but important part of building a new home.  City and county websites house all the information you need on zoning, permits and more, and vary depending on the location of your new home. (For example, check out the City of Tampa’s user-friendly page for residential construction.)

Preconstruction planning will also help you stay on budget when you build your dream home. However, these services can add up fast with fees from designers, engineers, architects and contractors. If you choose a custom manufactured home, however, you could avoid some of these preconstruction planning costs altogether. Custom manufactured homes come with a variety of floor plan options, finishes and design center services. Retail centers featuring Jacobsen Homes are one-stop-shops that make it easy to build your dream home.

Benefits of a Custom Manufactured Home
To get what you want, where you want, how you want and stay on budget, a custom manufactured home is the best way to “have your cake and eat it too” when you build your dream home. Check out Jacobsen Home’s guide to home ownership and luxury manufactured home options as you start the process of building your dream home. Find a model center near you for more information.