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Understanding Florida’s Retirement Taxes

Posted: August 24, 2017 by Global Administrator

Understanding Florida’s Retirement Taxes

Florida is one of the leading retirement destinations in the United States. With its ideal weather, serene beaches and bountiful golf courses it is no surprise that this tropical destination can be a big draw for those tired of winters, snow and ice.

For the 18.7% of Florida’s population comprised of people over the age of 64, the highest percentage of any state in the U.S., it is not only the warm winters that attract them to relocate in the sunshine state.

Florida has no income tax, which means all forms of retirement income are tax free at the state level. Florida also boasts sales tax and property tax rates that are close to the national average. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding retirement in Florida.

What are other ways Florida is tax-friendly for retirees?
There is no estate, inheritance tax and no state income tax, which includes any form of retirement income saving potential thousands for retirees compared to other states.

Is Social Security taxable?
No, in Florida Social Security is not taxed.

Are any additional forms of retirement income taxable in Florida?
No, because Florida has no state income tax any earnings, weather form wages or pension, are tax-free at the state level. Withdrawals of IRA funds accumulated in another state will also no be taxed if you move to Florida.

Are property taxes inflated to compensate?
While property taxes are one of the main source of revenue for local governments, the average effective property tax is around 1.10% which is slightly below the U.S. national average.
Housing costs are actually around 1.7% below the national average.
How high are the sales taxes in Florida?
Florida is pretty close to the national average. On average, the total rate faced by Floridians is 6.0%. Those rates do not apply to groceries or medicine, however, two major expenses for seniors.

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Because Florida has no state income tax any earnings, weather form wages or pension, are tax-free at the state level
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