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Going Green With a Manufactured Home

Posted: December 19, 2016 by Global Administrator

How do you build a “green home”? In the case of manufactured homes, we start with raw materials that are less susceptible to moisture due to eco-friendly construction methods that are climate-controlled and produce less waste. We store materials away from the elements and recycle wherever possible to save energy and reduce waste disposal. When designing a manufactured/ mobile home, incorporating “green” best practices into both the construction process and finishing touches means cost savings are created for both the present and future.

When it comes to ventilation, we incorporate a “whole-house positive ventilation system”. This eco-friendly system reduces indoor humidity conditions that allow condensation, mold and contaminants to form. The air is kept comfortably fresh and filtered. HVAC filters are located centrally for easy access to replace as needed. Additionally, we install ventilation exhaust fans for kitchen and bath. Many manufactured homes are designed with non-powered roof vents for quick manual opening to outside air. 

Roofs are reinforced for strength and energy savings. A thick, cellulose insulation cushion is sprayed into place in the roof cavity prior to final construction. Attached to the rooftop sheathing, a 9” eave drip is applied to prevent water leakage. A layer of asphalt based, shingle underlayment is glued to a layer of OSB (oriented strand board) followed by a 15 pound layer of roofing felt for double insulation. ENERGY STAR shingles are available, greatly decreasing the amount of heat transferred in from the roof.

The floor system is sealed with insulation and reinforced polyvinyl bottom board underlayment that is eco-friendly construction, creating a moisture barrier for longevity of the flooring. Floor insulation saves money on energy costs.

We utilize resource efficient wall systems to sustain low moisture and maximize insulation for warm/cold conditions. For HUD standards in Florida, large steel hurricane straps connect trusses to side wall studs and studs to floor joists. Storm ready wall sheathing provides further strength against Florida weather. Using light colors for walls, floors and ceilings contributes to energy efficiency and flexible choices for finishing touches in environmentally friendly homes.

Best practices for saving energy are incorporated in our materials list such as 3/8” OSB sheathing to add durability and moisture prevention around the entire structure and wrapped with ProLinx™ Housewrap, creating a high quality, low cost weather barrier system.

To save money on water usage, faucet aerators are installed as well as ultra low-flow toilets. If chosen, ENERGY STAR certified appliances use less energy and reduce utility bills.

We recycle building materials like scrap lumber, aluminum, copper wiring and even cardboard and styrofoam packaging. These materials, as well as steel frames, vinyl lap siding and metal crates can be repurposed to create new products as opposed to costly disposal.

You’ll feel good about reducing your impact on the environment in a manufactured home. Jacobsen Homes is the number one source for Florida manufactured homes, modular and park model homes. If you have questions about any aspect of environmentally friendly manufactured homes, we have answers. Visit us on the Web at www.jachomes.com.

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