Does Your Neighborhood Feel Like a Community?

Posted: December 18, 2018 by Jacobsen Homes

Does Your Neighborhood Feel Like a Community?
Neighborhood potlucks and block parties seem to be relics of an older era. As people become more connected to technology, neighbors may no longer feel as connected these days. The sense of community might be fading in some neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be revived. Below are some ways a Jacobsen Homes community makes your neighborhood feel more like a community of friends and family.

Not only does organizing a carpool save time and fuel costs, it encourages participants to get to know each other while riding to the destination. Weekly grocery shopping trips and other errands don’t seem as much like chores when neighbors and friends are by your side. Take carpool trips to discover nearby places, go out to eat or offer support during doctor appointments. Plus, carpooling can be a tremendous help to neighbors who no longer drive.

Gardening Clubs
Whether you have a manufactured home or not, gardening can be a great way to boost curb appeal and pride in your neighborhood – all while getting to know neighbors. Take turns planting seasonal blooms around each participant’s home until the whole street or block pops with vivid colors and sweet fragrances. Use budget-friendly, low-maintenance native plants. Swap tips during your Green Thumb Club to share best planting practices or just to learn more about the new family that moved in two doors down.

Holiday Lights Contest
December is the perfect time to get to know your neighbor. Besides swapping Christmas cookies or caroling, neighbors can participate in a holiday lights contest. Encourage everyone to chip in 10 to 20 bucks, then vote on who has the best holiday light decorations. The winner gets the money and gloating rights for a whole year and the losers can get a jump on planning their new displays, because there’s always next year!

Yard Sales for a Cause
Instead of one household yard sale, encourage neighbors to organize one big yard sale on the same day. A neighborhood sale will attract more buyers, plus it’ll draw people out of their homes and encourage some great socializing and getting to know new neighbors. Before the event, agree to donate some or all the proceeds to a neighbor in need, nearby charity or purchase an item that can benefit the whole community like a picnic table. 
Stronger neighborhoods mean stronger societies. Connecting with someone across the street or on the next block over reaps a variety of long-term benefits – after all, you never know when you’ll need to borrow a cup of sugar.

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