Find Both Safety and Value in a Manufactured Home

Posted: December 30, 2019 by Jacobsen Homes

Many homeowners choose a manufactured home over a site-built home based on the excellent value, but may have lingering concerns about safety. Every home buyer wants to stretch their money as far as possible but, naturally, their top priority is protecting their family. People relocating to Florida, in particular, have a lot of understandable questions about manufactured home safety, especially with regard to hurricanes and other inclement weather.

Here, we will explain manufactured home value and safety, so you can feel confident in your decision to invest in one.

Why Manufactured Homes Provide Great Value for the Money

Manufactured homes can be built more efficiently and at a lower cost than comparable site-built homes. Builders, especially those with years of experience like Jacobsen, have perfected their system to produce consistent, quality homes every time.

You will save money once you move in, too. Features like Jacobsen’s whole-house positive ventilation system and ENERGY STARⓇ-rated shingles help reduce your heating and cooling costs. Faucet aerators and ultra low-flow toilets save on water.

Buyers of manufactured homes choose whether to buy or lease the land where they’ll put their home. You get the choice that offers the best value for your budget and long-term plans.

Manufactured homes hold their value, too, contrary to myth. Real estate reports show that manufactured home values have been rising at a similar rate to those of site-built homes.

Manufactured Home Safety in Hurricane Prone Areas

Now that you know a manufactured home provides value, you’ll want to know that it also provides safety. A common question is, can a manufactured home withstand a hurricane?

Manufactured homes adhere to building codes that are at least as strict, if not even more strict, that those for traditional homes. Building codes evolve all the time. As a result of changes in the past few decades, manufactured homes provide greater protection from dangerous weather events than ever before.

Codes related to hurricanes and tropical storms were updated in the 1990s following Hurricane Andrew. The HUD Code specifies that a manufactured home must be able to withstand the maximum expected wind strength of the region. Different parts of Florida fall into Wind Zones 2 or 3. Whichever zone you live in, rest assured that Jacobsen homes uses the most advanced components and technology, meeting or exceeding code requirements for safety.

Standards improved again as recently as 2007, when the U.S. government updated its minimum requirements for installation and anchoring of manufactured homes, in accordance with its structural design and windstorm standards. You will find a label on your manufactured certifying that is has been designed, constructed, tested and inspected to comply with federal standards.

Other Manufactured Home Safety Concerns

Another myth is that manufactured homes are more prone to fire or that they burn more quickly if a fire does break out. In fact, manufactured homes built since 1976 have 38-44% fewer fires and lower civilian fire injuries than site-built homes, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute. Building codes require that manufactured homes contain smoke detectors, two exterior doors, and egress windows in all bedrooms.

Some buyers wonder about safety from burglars. The truth is, manufactured homes are no more prone to burglaries than any other kind of home. In fact, they are often located in tight-knit communities where neighbors know each other well and keep an eye on each other’s property. Plus, with new technology emerging all the time, like “smart” security systems and doorbell cameras, you have many options for protecting your manufactured home.

Talk to Jacobsen Homes today about finding the perfect manufactured home for you. We will help you select the perfect option for value, safety, and all the other things that are important to you and your family.