Manufactured Homes Give You More Choices You Can Afford

Posted: December 19, 2019 by Jacobsen Homes

Most Americans dream of owning a home, and many of those specifically dream of owning a home in Florida. Whether you wish to buy your first home, a vacation refuge, or a retirement haven, your dream may feel out of reach. Because of the expense of home ownership, you might feel like your only option is to stay in a home that's no longer right for you, in a cold climate, or to simply rent indefinitely.

However, affordable manufactured homes open new possibilities, even on a budget. Take a look at the housing options available and get ready to picture yourself waking up each morning in your own dream home.

Manufactured Homes Cost Less to Build

Manufactured homes are more cost-efficient because they are built in a factory then installed on the land you choose to call home. The builder follows a system to build homes, one after another, with expert precision. They avoid the delays that a construction site would face such as inclement weather, vandalism, or subcontractor delays. Furthermore, manufactured home builders gain cost efficiency by buying materials in bulk and pass the savings on the customer.

Once you've selected a manufactured home, you need to choose where you want to place it. Florida offers a range of cities with unique personalities as well as large swaths of less developed land for those who desire a quieter lifestyle. If you plan to buy or lease land, include that cost in your budget. Even after land costs, you will likely find your total cost to purchase coming in far below the cost of a traditional, single-family home. Land in more rural areas tends to cost less than suburban or urban areas.

Manufactured Homes Cost Less to Own

Your manufactured home will cost less to heat and cool than a traditional home. Jacobsen Homes use a whole-house positive ventilation system to reduce indoor humidity, making the air conditioning more efficient. Kitchen and bath exhaust fans, along with roof vents, further enhance control over airflow. Roofs are well insulated and available with ENERGY STARⓇ-rated shingles to decrease heat or A/C loss. Greater control over your heating and cooling means lower bills and less environmental impact.

Not only will you be able to save on energy, but also on water bills, too with amenities like faucet aerators and low-flow toilets. Select Florida native plants or other water-conscious landscaping elements for a beautiful, low-cost yard. You’ll increase curb appeal, too.

In a manufactured home community where you lease your land, many services and amenities may be included. You could potentially save money on things like landscape maintenance or pool care. If your community provides walking trails or a fitness center, you even eliminate costs for a gym membership.

Get the Home You Want, When You Want It

Typically, when you decide to move, you or a realtor conducts a search of home inventory in your price range. In some cases, traditional homes are simply not available when and where you want them. U.S. housing inventory has not kept pace with demand. The Manufactured Housing Institute reports, “Single-family residential construction in the past decade has added fewer units to the housing stock than in any 10-year period dating back to 1968. Construction of smaller, less expensive “starter” homes is particularly low.”

When you buy a manufactured home, you can decide on the size and amenities you need, choose the location you want, and get it built on your schedule. There’s no need to search day after day hoping to find what you want, haggle with the current owner on over a closing date, and pay expensive Realtor commission fees.

No Need to Sacrifice High-End Finishes

The manufactured home industry opens a whole new world of choices and those choices include the personal touches you add to your home. Affordable prices and efficiencies of scale don't mean sacrificing high-end finishes. Pick a color palette for your home that reflects your personality and the latest design trends. Select from premium vinyl, laminate or tile flooring in a range of colors. Add luxurious touches to your kitchen with your choice of cabinets, sinks and backsplashes.

With the overall affordability of manufactured homes, you get all the choice you could want at a price point that you can actually afford. By limiting yourself to site-built homes you not only limit your choices but you many overstretch yourself financially and regret it. Choosing a manufactured home lets you find the ideal home size, style, location, and features that you and your family truly want.