4 Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

Posted: February 26, 2019 by Global Administrator
Florida natives enjoy a laid back and relaxing lifestyle. Low taxes, warm weather, endless chances for fun and affordable cost of living makes Florida the ideal place to retire and purchase your new manufactured home. Keep reading to find out the 4 things you should know before becoming a Floridian.

Taxes in Florida
Sometimes overlooked, taxes are an important thing to consider when moving to a new state. What does the sales tax rate look like? What about state income taxes? Sales tax in the Sunshine State is 6%, lower than most other states in the U.S. What’s even better is that Florida is one of the few states without a state income tax, which means more money to spend on home improvement or weekend travel.

Sunny Skies Ahead
There’s a reason they call it the Sunshine State. For most of the year, Florida is a warm, tropical oasis. Summertime is the stormy season, bringing soothing afternoon storms between bouts of sunlight. But the most drastic change you’ll notice when moving to Florida are their mild winters. There’s no need to worry about shoveling snow or icy roads because average temperatures stay in the 60’s!
The warm weather is nice for more reasons than you may think. Residing in a warmer climate can be beneficial to your body, because it helps to prevent circulatory problems. When it comes to bone health, the added vitamin D from the sun is your best friend. The extra sun also helps to strengthen bones and joints and can help lower the risk of arthritis. Plus, who doesn’t love a gorgeous sunny day?

Staying Active
Because the weather stays warm most of the year, living in Florida makes it easy to stay active. No matter what area of Florida you choose for your manufactured home, you’ll find endless beaches, nature trails, golf courses, and delicious restaurants all a stone’s throw away.
Florida is home to some of the best weekend destinations and road trips too. If you love experiencing history, St. Augustine is the perfect place to pack your car and road trip to. And for those seeking relaxing beaches and key lime pie on a stick, Key West is the perfect choice. Many more wonderful day trips and activities await all across the state.

High Quality of Life at Affordable Prices
Florida is the home to many communities where living is affordable, and amenities are plenty. Choosing a manufactured home from Jacobsen Homes will help ensure the cost of your new home is affordable, but that’s not the only factor you should be thinking about. Cost of living and quality of life are also important factors to take into consideration. Florida is home to some of the best and most affordable communities next to all the fun, where you can connect with other individuals and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a reason to make the move to Florida, lowered taxes, warmer weather, fun activities, and affordable living are some of the best! Choosing a manufactured home from Jacobsen Homes makes moving to the perfect community in Florida easy.

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