HUD Certification for Manufactured Homes: What You Need to Know

Posted: January 31, 2017 by Jacobsen Homes

When you consider buying a manufactured home, you will want the assurance that it’s well-built, and will provide a safe living place for you and your family. The most important certification for manufactured homes comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD. As you shop for your ideal manufactured home in Florida or elsewhere, you will want to understand what HUD certification means.

What Is HUD?

Set to address the nation's evolving housing needs, HUD's mission is to create a suitable, safe and standardized living environment for all Americans. Their primary programs include:

  • Mortgage and loan insurance through the Federal Housing Administration
  • Fair housing rules and regulations
  • Community Development Block Grants to assist with economic development in low income areas

Overall, HUD ensures sustainable, safe, and affordable housing to all populations in the United States, enforcing all rules and regulations in the most vulnerable communities.

HUD and the Manufactured Homes Industry

Since 1976, HUD has ensured that manufactured homes are constructed correctly and safely, enforcing rigorous federal standards enacted for home construction. These standards are set for a wide array of manufactured home features such as thermal protection, fire safety, energy efficiency, as well as design and construction rules and regulations.

Manufactured homes have come a long way since 1976. They are not only safer but home buyers can now select luxury interior features, as well as an array of different floor plans ranging from two to five bedrooms.

What are the Requirements for HUD Certification?

To earn HUD certification, a manufactured home must meet several requirements.

  • One of the most important guidelines is that the home must be constructed in a controlled environment to ensure materials are preserved correctly, untouched by the elements.
  • Unlike mobile homes, a HUD certified manufactured home must be constructed on a permanent chassis, ensuring stability. 
  • HUD ensures all homes are constructed according to proper fire codes.
  • All certified homes comply with national electrical and plumbing needs.

At Jacobsen Homes, we are proud to say all of our manufactured homes are constructed in alignment with these standards.

What is a HUD Label?

A HUD label is both a tag and data plate that is issued to certified homes, attached by the manufacturer upon construction. It lists a three-letter code and six-digit number that identify the inspection agency who issued this certification.

HUD Label for Manufactured Homes

A separate data label can also contain additional information, identifying the Wind Zone and Roof Load on the home, in addition to a serial number and the model number of the unit. This is useful information if you ever need to file an insurance claim, or if you list your home for sale. Unlike the data plate, the serial number and model number are placed inside the home, due to the sensitivity of the information. This label is located under the kitchen sink.

Jacobsen Homes is a Certified HUD Provider

Since 1959, Jacobsen Homes has been a trusted leader in the manufacturing home industry and a certified HUD provider. All of our homes come with a HUD label, to assure quality and compliance. Customizeble floor plans give you the opportunity to design the home of your dreams, with quality and safety in mind. We know the importance of flexibility, which is why our homes can be found in a variety of communities across Florida.