Back To School: Design a Study Nook for Small Spaces

Posted: July 27, 2017 by Jacobsen Homes
Ideas and Tips for Utilizing Your Home

Many times homeowners don’t think they have enough room in their current home for any more furniture. So often they do their work at the kitchen table, or the kids do their studying in their bedroom or at the coffee table in front of the couch. The problem is that these places are rarely ergonomically correct for focusing on work or studies and rarely comfortable. Other family members sitting on the couch or other distractions are prevalent.
Creating a study nook can be simple and seamless in your home, even if you feel you are short on space. The trick is to find a spot that is not high traffic in your home. This can be a corner, quiet area of a room, even perhaps an underutilized walk-in closet. Below are some elements you will want to consider in finding your nook:
  • Internet/ electric accessibility.
  • Proper lighting such as a desk lamp
  • Space for books, or a small book shelf
  • A comfortable chair
  • Desk space that is compatible with your needs (ie. If using a computer, the desk should accommodate the space needed for your computer and any accessories.)
Creating Your Nook

Create your desk space: You can include a small pre-made desk from a store such as Ikea, or purchase a deep shelf and install yourself. While a built-in shelf may look sleek, you may want to consider a professional to install as it can be more cost effective than you may expect. This first floor work nook is a great example of a built-in space using every inch available.
Include Storage: This is especially important for kids or grandkids. While you may only need a computer, kids tend to need more supplies, books, notebooks, paper etc. Install a small cabinet, or set of drawers. If short on space, consider a set of drawers to sit on top of the desk.
Add a personal touch: By adding this study nook, ensure you spend more time in this space by making it warm and inviting. Adding your personal touch can make this a space that you desire to spend time in and seem welcoming.
With a few simple décor items, furnishings and personal items, you can enjoy working/studying from home as much or more than that coffee shop down the street.

Jacobsen Homes features a variety of home floor plans for all your needs. Click the link to access the floor plan below with your own build in nook!