Steps to Getting Your Manufactured Home Back-to-School Ready

Posted: July 30, 2018 by Jacobsen Homes
And Stay Back-to-School Sane!

Back-to-school can be chaos for even the most organized households. New schedules, routes, classes, sports, wardrobes and school supplies are enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. Listed below are some top tips to get your home ready for the new school year and tackle clutter before it begins.

Designate Space – Hang It Up

The first step to ensuring a clutter-free life is to designate space for common items. Organize any backpacks, briefcases, and handbags off the floor by using decorative hooks, knobs or racks. Consider keeping your kids aligned with their school practices by adding a small table below the hooks that act as a cubby space. This can store any shoes, outdoor items and will lessen the appearance of strewn about items. Read our blog on designing your own study nook for additional organization.

Bins and Baskets and Buckets, Oh My!

Luckily modular storage is very on trend in 2018 and affordable! Decorative baskets and storage come in various colors, textures, and materials to give a sophisticated feel when turning back-to-school calamity into calm. Label or color code with ribbons or chalk labels to ensure everyone knows where everything goes.

Take a Deep Breath and Tackle the Closet

Yes, this list includes the dreaded closet. You can’t avoid it so let’s make this manageable. The benefits of an organized closet with make your morning routine a breeze for any member of the family. Start with donating clothes that no longer fit or that you will not wear again. Then, be smart with how you organize the items you intend to keep. Optimize your space by installing hooks, utilize back of the door hooks and use double hangers to maximize space.

Organize Your Cleaning Space

Quickly go through your storage space for cleaning supplies, ensuring they are easy to reach when a mess or spill should occur. Rods under the sink can provide additional space to hang bottles. Consider your laundry space as well, can segmented hampers with labels ensure colors are safe or that items don’t go missing?
Prep for Success

Setting aside a small amount of time for each of the listed can set your family up for a smooth transition into the new school year and help keep the household peace. Your Jacobsen manufactured home will feel organized and clutter free when everyone runs into the house after school and has a place for their items.
If your family or friends are considering a manufactured home purchase to accommodate your back-to-school crew, contact our office to discuss desired floor plans and finishes that are perfect for your ever-evolving family.