The Do's and Don'ts of Designing Your Manufactured Home

Posted: March 23, 2022 by Jacobsen Homes

One major advantage of choosing a manufactured home is that it gives you the ability to customize and design it to meet your needs. While making these design decisions can be an exciting time, it’s important to know what to lean into and what to steer away from when designing your manufactured home. Here are some major do’s and don’ts to help you sort through the noise during your home design process. 

Do: Know Your Budget 

As with any major life purchase, understanding what you can and can’t afford is an important part of the manufactured home design process. Your budget will determine what kind of floor plans and square footage you can afford as well as what upgrades you should prioritize over others. One of the easiest and quickest ways to understand your budget is to get pre-qualified for a chattel mortgage (if you’re only financing the purchase of the house without a land package). If you’re purchasing a piece of land alongside your manufactured home or moving into a manufactured home community, consider these resources from our FAQ page.  

Don’t: Go for the Cheapest Option

Knowing your budget and staying within it is important in any major investment, but getting the best value for your money should also be a priority. Keep in mind that you are designing your home. Even though the home will be built beyond the necessary Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards to the exceptional quality Jacobsen Homes is known for, choosing some upgrades and customizations can make it feel more luxurious and personalized. What’s more, higher-end materials also boost your home’s overall value.  

Do: Explore Available Floor Plans for Your Manufactured Home

The starting point of every manufactured or modular home purchase is the floor plan. For some people, there are floor plans that check all the boxes without the need to move things around. Or they can simply add on a porch, deck, or additional space elsewhere in the plan. For others, the needs of your family now and in the future might require something different than what you see on the page. Either way, perusing available floor plans is the most critical first step for your design process. Without knowing the general flow of your new home, it can be difficult to consider what upgrades might tie the space together best. 

Don’t: Write Off an Almost-Perfect Floor Plan Before Asking About Customizations 

For families looking for a very specific place, it’s important to keep your perspective as well. Don’t fret if you don’t see a floor plan listed that fits your exact needs. That’s one of the advantages to choosing a manufactured home over purchasing a pre-existing home on the market. With a manufactured home, you have the opportunity to tweak the floor plan and make adjustments to better suit your lifestyle and your family’s needs. Narrow down your search to a few floor plans that check almost all of your boxes. The floor plan you see on the page doesn’t need to be 100% there, but it should be at least 75% of what you need before you ask about floor plan adjustments.

Do: Consider Upgrades to Your Manufactured Home That Fit Your Style 

Designing your manufactured home is about striking the perfect balance between function and style. You may choose to upgrade your roof’s shingles to help support the longevity and long-term value of your manufactured home, but not all upgrades need to be so practical. We recommend choosing a few upgrades that are just for you — ones that suit your family’s style. Whether you want to upgrade you kitchen cabinets and countertops, or have a vision for the flooring in your new home, upgrading for the sake of the overall look and feel of your manufactured home is well worth it. Design touches like enhanced finishes and hardware will make your house feel more like home when it’s finally built and ready for move-in. 

Don’t: Forget To Consider Your Family’s Future Needs As Well

It can be easy to get caught up in the here and now of designing your manufactured home, but looking at your long-term plan is important, too. At the end of the day, a Jacobsen Homes manufactured home is an investment that you will be proud to live in for years to come. With those years come life changes as time passes. If you think a two-bedroom home would serve you well now but you hope to start a family, have another child, or move aging parents into your home within the next decade, consider choosing a double or triple wide manufactured home or even a luxury manufactured home model at the outset to ensure you have enough space to be comfortable in the long run. 

There are many decisions that go into designing a manufactured home and what options are available to you will vary based on your chosen floor plan and your individual needs and desires. Whatever your dream home looks like, the experts at Jacobsen Homes are ready to build it and help you make it a reality. Contact us today to learn more.