Top Tips for an Energy Efficient Manufactured Home

Posted: May 01, 2018 by Global Administrator

Summertime is Around the Corner!

Summertime is rapidly approaching in Florida which means beach days, iced tea and of course, the long battle with your thermostat to stay cool. A Jacobsen home is naturally Green due to the way our homes are constructed but we have also gathered some top tips and easy changes for you and your family to stay comfortable this summer without breaking the bank.
Shade is your friend
Trees not only for curb appeal and great landscaping, they help people and homes alike on hot summer days.  Trees are, of course, a long-term investment but by starting today you can ensure you see that return grow with your home. When deciding upon where to plant trees, consider prioritizing south-facing windows.
Take Advantage of the Sun
Summer can be beneficial for drying items on a clothing line as opposed to your dryer. Clothing lines are inexpensive and simple to set up along with energy efficiency. Pro tip: Florida is notoriously humid, ensure you time your drying with low humidity bouts and avoid the summer rains!
Let Technology Work for You
Consider investing in a smart thermostat. Adjusting throughout the day is difficult to manage as well as not always feasible if you are on the move. With features such as automatic adjustment when outside temperatures rise or drop, most thermostats allow for simple control right from your smartphone.
Dust Off Your Fan
Often, fans can cool a home by up to four degrees and are more energy efficient than an air conditioner. For example, at night, when it is cooler outside, consider a ceiling or desktop fan for your bedroom to ensure comfort while you sleep. Not a fan of wind blowing on you while you sleep? A quick “fan hack” is to reverse the direction (switch to clockwise) and turn the fan on high and your bedroom can be cooled without the annoying feeling of air blowing around.
By using some of our tips above, you can have an energy efficient summer and help maximize your comfort and save on your energy bill. Jacobsen Manufactured Homes’ invites you to experience the Jacobsen difference firsthand by scheduling a tour at one of our many model centers and/or communities across Florida.
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