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Why Manufactured Homes in Florida?

Posted: May 31, 2018 by Global Administrator
Modern Manufactured Homes: What is All the Buzz About?

Manufactured homes in Florida have gained a lot of attention recently both in the design world and perhaps on your “dream home” Pinterest board. Why? Manufactured homes have gained attention because of the 3P’s: Plans, Prices, and Product.
Modern manufactured homes in Florida are extremely different than the mobile homes built in the 60’s and early 70’s however, often manufactured homes are still referred to in the three standard sizes they are built in. Single wide, double wide and triple wide may sound like mobile home terms but that changed in 1976 with standards set by the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Act, known as ‘the HUD Code.” The intent of the implemented ‘HUD Code’ was to improve the quality, durability and other requirements and it is the only federally-regulated national building code.  
Manufactured Homes Floor Plans
Today’s manufactured homes in Florida and their floor plans are vastly different than what was created in the 60’s. Built entirely inside home manufacturing facilities, climate controlled conditions mitigate weather delays that often come with building directly on a lot of land. With many customizable options from flooring to cabinetry and finish, it is easy to make this your modern dream home.
Modern manufactured floor plans provide a wide variety of layouts and configurations to fit every need and lifestyle. With so many floor plans to choose from, it is easy to see where one may get lost in the fun of your floor plan search.
Pro Tip: Start with a few floor plans and after picking a favorite, identify similar manufactured home floor plans. Finalize your decision by narrowing those similar floor plans to your “can’t live without” decision!
Manufactured Home Prices
Manufactured homes in Florida provide an affordable option for your first home, vacation home or retirement lifestyle that you desire. So how much does a manufactured home cost? This can vary based on location, design and customization choices made by the buyer and where you are looking to live. According to Zillow, the average home price in Florida is $221,000.00 and this is often a home already built. Manufactured homes in Florida are truly the best value to build exactly what you are looking for in your new home.
Quality Manufactured Home Products
Not only is Jacobsen Homes your Green manufactured home builder but also stands the test of time being the oldest and largest builder of manufactured homes in Florida. The Jacobsen Family has invested in quality products since 1959, leading the manufactured housing industry with the innovation of automated floor plan design by the use of AutoCAD. Ensuring every floor plan is executed with precision, their highly trained, in-house engineering staff will design a quality home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.
Pro Tip: Go behind the scenes to see how Jacobsen Homes are made and gain a better understanding of the time and quality put into each design.
Build Your Manufactured Home in Florida with Jacobsen Homes
Manufactured homes are a fantastic option if you are seeking affordable and versatile floor plans that fit your lifestyle. The Jacobsen family and staff know you have a lot of options when looking to build your dream manufactured home.  We encourage you to compare brands or see for yourself firsthand by scheduling a tour at one of our many model centers across Florida. Need more convincing? Check out what others have to say about their Jacobsen Homes.
Contact us today for more information!
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