The Ultimate Checklist to Help You Decide if a Manufactured Home is Right for You

Posted: May 10, 2022 by Jacobsen Homes

It’s a natural part of The American Dream — to own a home that’s all yours. But nowadays, the landscape of home ownership offers a number of different routes to go down that all arrive at the same exciting finish line: your very own home. 

If building a home is of interest to you, you’ll likely run across the idea of a manufactured or modular home. With many of the benefits of a site-built home and some additional perks to consider, you may wonder how to decide if a manufactured home is right for you. Let’s walk through what you should consider to determine whether a manufactured home meets your family’s needs. Read on, you might just be surprised! 

Is a Manufactured Home Right for You? 

If you’ve considered building your own site-built house, you may already have a glimpse into what it takes to build a manufactured home. So how can you tell if it’s the right choice for you? 

A manufactured home may be a good fit if you: 

On the flip side, a manufactured home might not be a good fit if you: 

  • Are in need of immediate housing options 

  • Don’t have wiggle room in your budget for desired upgrades 

  • Have no interest in being involved in the design of your home 

  • Don’t want to live in a new house (e.g. you’re looking for something historical) 

  • Want a very large, sprawling estate 

Every homebuyer’s situation is unique, so if you are interested in manufactured housing, talk to local companies about your options. 

Things You Should Know About Manufactured Homes

As with any type of home, there are things you should know about manufactured homes before you buy. Despite the negative perception some people have, manufactured homes offer modern design options and, when built by a reputable company like Jacobsen Homes, rival site-built homes in many areas. 

At a lower cost per square foot than site-built homes, manufactured homes offer an affordable path to home ownership that allows you to get more space for your money, too. There are a wide variety of floor plans to choose to suit your family’s needs, with flexibility on room arrangement and porch, patio and deck add-ons available as well. 

Because manufactured homes are built in a factory and then moved to their final location, you have added location flexibility with a manufactured home that you wouldn’t get with a site-built house. If you already own a plot of land or have interest in a manufactured home community, you have a wider range of options available to you. 

For many people, becoming first time homeowners with a manufactured home is a much faster and more achievable process than entering the world of home ownership any other way. 

How Jacobsen Homes Does Manufactured Homes Different 

Once you’ve decided that a manufactured home is the right move for your family, your next major step is choosing the right manufactured home company to help you make your dream of homeownership a reality. In Florida, Jacobsen Homes is the premier provider for manufactured homes. Our building standards go above and beyond what’s required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to ensure your home is built to last. 

We proudly work with our customers to create their dream home through floor plan selection, features and finishes, upgrades and the entire building process. If you’re ready to start your journey toward home ownership with a manufactured home, request more information today.