Fall Home Decoration Ideas

Posted: September 24, 2019 by Jacobsen Homes
Fall is the perfect season for gathering your family, enjoying pumpkin and apple treats, and enjoying both spooky and thankful moments. In Florida, fall weather tends to be an extension of summer heat and humidity, so it can be hard to get in the spirit of the season. Traditional fall decorations like live mums and natural pumpkins don’t thrive in the heat and humidity the way they do in cooler regions. We’ve gathered some ideas for fall decorations perfect for manufactured homes in Florida.

Mason Jars for Every Occasion

Mason jars are an extremely versatile and affordable cornerstone of fall décor if you want to lean in to the rustic side of the season. Paint on designs with your favorite acrylic craft paint to match your favorite fall colors, and you have an instant vase or candle holder to pop around your home! If you’re feeling extra festive, use mod podge to adhere silk leaves to the outside for the perfect fall luminary to cast warm fall colors around any room. Don’t let the lids go to waste, either—spray paint the rings orange, string onto a ribbon, and tie around a bundle of cinnamon sticks to create a fragrant, weather-proof pumpkin!

Make Your Couch Extra Cozy

There are few things that sing “Autumn” like a warm knitted sweater, but let’s face it—it’s too hot to wear them in Florida. If you have some sweaters in the back of your closet or some adorable knits the little ones have outgrown? With some very basic sewing, you can quickly turn them into extra-cozy throw pillows to add fall flair to your bed, couch, or anywhere else you like to snuggle up.

Candy Corn Chic

If you’re looking for fall decorations that can take you through both Halloween and Thanksgiving, candy corn brings these two holidays together perfectly. Grab some Styrofoam cones and wrap them in white, yellow, and orange yarn to create oversized candy corn decorate shelves and tables, or grab a few bags of the real stuff from the dollar store and use it to create a wreath, or use it as a sweet vase filler for candle holders and silk flower arrangements. If you opt for the real stuff, be sure to seal any exterior decorations with mod podge or clear acrylic spray to avoid creepy-crawlies and keep indoor décor out of reach of little hands and pet paws.

Create Construction Paper Webs and Leaves

Remember the paper snowflakes you made as a kid by folding a sheet of paper and cutting it? Using the same technique on colorful construction, you can easily cut out beautiful fall leaves or spooky spider webs for your Halloween decorations. Add some glitter to the finished product for some extra sparkle and fall flair. This is a perfect project to do with kids and grandkids to get them in on the fall fun!

If you own a manufactured home in Florida, you don’t have to miss out on the fall fun! Some simple DIY fall decorations can go a long way to transform your home in the spirit of the fall season, even if the weather refuses to cooperate.