How Long Do Manufactured Homes Last?

Posted: September 01, 2022 by Jacobsen Homes

As a prospective homebuyer, it’s natural to wonder how long your investment will last. Purchasing a home is a major expense and it’s understandable that you would want to know how long your various options may last. In the manufactured home industry, questions of longevity are commonly raised thanks to misconceptions about these homes that have been perpetuated over the years. So how long do manufactured homes last, and what can you expect from the quality of construction in a manufactured home? Let’s take a closer look. 

Why Do People Think Manufactured Homes Won’t Last?

Until 1976, homes constructed within a factory and transported to their final location were known as “mobile homes.” In June of 1976, the Department of Housing and Urban Development changed the terminology and every home built after that date is considered a manufactured home whereas homes built prior are considered mobile homes. 

As we all have experienced through mainstream media, there are many negative connotations that go alongside the term “mobile home.” However, these connotations do not speak accurately to the quality and care put into the construction of manufactured homes. When you are looking into home buying options, it’s important to understand the standards to which manufactured homes are built so you can properly weigh whether or not a manufactured home is the right choice for your family. 

Construction Standards for Manufactured Homes

The misconception that manufactured homes are poorly built or won’t last is simply not true. In fact, because manufactured homes must be built to withstand hurricane force winds in order to remain structurally sound even when traveling long distances on highways as they travel to their final destination, manufactured homes are built to last, and may even last longer than some site built homes. 

The exact construction requirements for manufactured homes can be found on HUD’s website. If you are considering a manufactured home as your next home, it’s worth noting that manufactured homes are built in a climate controlled factory environment and Jacobsen Homes specifically are built to exceed the construction and safety requirements on a state and federal level. 

Due to the controlled nature of a manufactured home build, the materials used in construction undergo less stress during the assembly process and therefore are well-prepared to last for many, many years to come. 

Another advantage of longevity that manufactured homes offer is the fact that purchasing a newly built manufactured home guarantees that you are getting the maximum life out of the home, whereas when you purchase a site-built home you may be dealing with materials that have already faced decades of wear and tear. 

Manufactured Homes Retain Value Well

Another common misconception related to the question of how long manufactured homes last is whether or not they retain their value. Similar to the idea that new vehicles lose a good portion of their resale value as soon as you drive them off the lot, some people believe that manufactured homes lose a good portion of resale value as soon as they leave the factory. However, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) released a report in 2018 showing that manufactured homes actually appreciate over time in a similar manner to site-built homes. 

Knowing that manufactured homes retain their value in a similar fashion as site-built homes should bring further reassurance that manufactured homes are, in fact, built to last. When you invest in a manufactured home with Jacobsen Homes, you are investing in a place to call your own that will house your family and serve as the centerpiece of treasured memories for decades to come. 

Create Your New Manufactured Home With Jacobsen Homes

Now that you know manufactured homes are built to last, it’s time to explore the possibilities that manufactured homes offer, like our very popular 2 bedroom manufactured homes. From flexible floor plans, customization options, and exceptional customer care, the team at Jacobsen Homes is dedicated to helping you create your ideal new manufactured home. Request more information or explore our available floor plans today.