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Tips to Have A Stunning Garden on A Budget

Posted: November 02, 2018 by Janette Weis

Tips to Have A Stunning Garden on A Budget

Kelly Holland
Gardening in the Sunshine State can be natural given the sheer amount of favorable conditions available. Not only will homeowners find plenty of gorgeous plants to incorporate into a garden but beauty will abound with the tropical varieties that are also well suited for the area. Many homeowners may assume that show-stopping gardens take a big budget, but there are plenty of ways to make your garden beautiful without much expense. Taking your garden to the next level is comfortable with these gardening tips to have a stunning garden while still on a budget.

Use Native Plants

The plants that thrive the most in your region are typically plants that are native to the area. Native plants will be able to withstand any of the special conditions of your home regarding rainfall and soil conditions. The great thing about using native plants in the Florida region is that subtropical and tropical plants will be considered native thanks to the warm and humid conditions of the state. These plants have beautiful blooms and offer a wide variety of colors that will make your garden easily stand out from others. Native plants will be readily available in your area making them a budget-friendly option for homeowners as well. The little maintenance and added water that native plants require also helps to save money on extra tools and don’t have a massive impact on your water bill.

Take the Work Out of Watering

Putting your garden on an irrigated drip system will help in making sure that your plants are receiving the moisture that they require. Drip irrigation also makes the job of watering easier for you as it doesn’t expect the need to pull a hose around the garden or deal with sprinklers. Make watering even more accessible by placing a timer on the drip irrigation system that will water the plants on a set schedule. Using an irrigation system will allow you to enjoy your garden without having to worry about watering at all. Drip irrigation systems are budget friendly because they will enable you to water the root of the plant directly instead of wasting much water from a sprinkler that would spray everywhere and evaporate. Setting a timer also cuts down on water consumption as opposed to forgetting to turn off a sprinkler as well.

Add Natural Mulch

Similarly to your lawn care tasks, one way to keep weeds low in a garden is to mulch around the plants. Mulch comes in a variety of different forms that range from free to expensive options. One of the best ways to provide mulch to your garden is to spread grass clippings to the area underneath plants. The grass will give a uniform look to the garden and will turn a light brown color that is pleasing to the eye. Not only is the grass a free form of mulch, but it also helps plants retain moisture by keeping the roots around plants cool. Spreading grass clippings may seem counterintuitive, but it is an easy and cheap way to deter weeds from growing in the garden as well as adding natural nutrients.

Choose Fancy Boxwoods

Many plants have an expensive look to them without being costly at all. Boxwood shrub is a common variety with many uses in a garden. Boxwoods are easy to grow and are a hardy plant that can be shaped into multiple ways to give an over-the-top look to your home. For a truly stunning look, plant boxwood in a tall planter placed by the front door of your house. As the plant grows, you can prune it into a spiral shape that instantly provides an upscale look to your yard. The actual plant itself is not and it only requires a steady hand and some patience to sculpt the plant into the desired shape.
Easily create the backyard of your dreams with this handful of gardening tips today. Consider using native plants to have a low maintenance garden that also looks great. Sculpting boxwoods in tall planters as well as installing a drip irrigation system are other budget-friendly ways that you can have a gorgeous garden. Spreading natural mulch options, like grass clippings, is another way that you can have a stunning garden on a budget around your Florida home.
Kelly Holland is a gardening and landscape design writer who loves experimenting in her kitchen. Her quirky nature loves a bright color palette so naturally, her coveted garden is covered in a rainbow of fruits, vegetable, and flowers.
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