Florida car registration

Florida Car Registration

A license plate in Florida is issued according to the owner’s birth date.  Out-of-state plates on your vehicle are honored until their expiration date.  However, if you are employed, in business, or have children in public schools in Florida, you must secure a license plate in Florida immediately.  License plates are reissued in the 5th year and are renewed annually by a sticker.  A license plate in Florida may be obtained at the County Tax Collectors office, and then by mail thereafter.  Personalized license plates (prestige plates) are available and may consist of up to 7 letters or numbers.  A motor vehicle is required by law to be registered within 10 days of the owner becoming employed, placing children in public school or establishing residence.  If you do not have a registration to transfer, the initial Florida car registration fee is $225, a $28 metal plate fee, plus additional Florida car registration fees based upon vehicle weight at follows:

Automobiles, private use:    up to 2499 pounds    $27.60
Automobiles, private use:  2500 - 3499 pounds    $35.60
Automobiles, private use:  3500 - and up              $46.50

A different schedule applies to trucks and vans.  For further information on Florida car registration, call the local Auto Tag Agency, or visit Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle web site at www.flhsmv.gov/dmv/faqmotor.html#5.

If you have owned you car for less than six months, the State of Florida may charge sales tax, use tax, and local discretionary taxes on you vehicle when you register it for the first time.  Florida sales tax will be pro-rate based upon any taxes you paid to another state.  Let's say that you already paid 3% sales tax in your previous state, you can deduct this from Florida's 6% sales tax.

If you have owned you car for more than six months, no sales, use, or local discretionary taxes will be charged for vehicles that have been owned and registered in another state.

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