Florida Drivers License application

Florida Drivers Licence

Your out-of-state license is honored until the time you (a) become a resident, (b) take employment, © place a children in public school, (d) register to vote, or (e) apply for Florida’s Homestead Exemption.  You will then have 30 days to secure a Florida drivers license.  In order to obtain a drivers license in Florida, you must pass an examination given by the Driver’s License Division of Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles.  A new resident exchanging a valid out-of-state license for a Florida drivers license will be required to pass the vision and hearing tests only.  In order to obtain a new Florida drivers license the law requires you to show proof of identification, proof of social security number, and two items showing proof of address.  Renewal and reexamination notices are generally mailed by the Division of Drivers Licenses in Tallahassee approximately 30 days before the driver’s birth month.  Your license must be renewed by the date of your birthday.  If you have any further questions regarding how to obtain a drivers license in Florida, refer to your local Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. (a time saving tip:  Call your local Drivers License Office and make an appointment for your renewal.)

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