What is the Difference Between Mobile and Modular Homes?

Often, modular homes are viewed as being the same as, or extremely similar to, mobile homes; however, this myth doesn’t hold much accuracy. Modular homes are a magnet for misconceptions due to the fact that a great deal of the construction occurs in a factory.

The various sections (or modules) of a modular home are constructed in an enclosed environment, for the purpose of eliminating weather delays and mold/mildew concerns. The modules are then transported by truck to the home site. Once the modules are connected and construction is complete, the modular home is as permanent as a traditional, stick-built home.

Additionally, mobile homes are built to HUD code, while modular homes are built to an IRC standard—the same code used for stick-built construction. In a modular home, the parts are all standard, meaning if something breaks, you can find its replacement at Home Depot or Lowes. With a mobile home, replacement parts may be less convenient to locate. 
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