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Manufactured Home Appliances and Fixtures

Appliances in your Jacobsen Home are warranted by their manufacturers.  All warranty and registration information for the factory installed appliances that are supplied by the manufacturer are shipped with your home in the appliance.  Manufacturers of appliances and fixtures also supply "Use and Care" information.  This should be studied carefully and the advice given for preventative maintenance and emergency use should be followed.  This information should remain with the appliances and fixtures if ownership is ever transferred.

Service representatives for specific brads of appliances are often listed in the yellow pages of your telephone directory.  The retailer from whom you bought your home may also have the information.

There are some general maintenance rules which can be followed in caring for major appliances and fixtures.

Gas Ranges:

Gas ranges may be adapted for use 3with either LP or natural gas upon installation of the proper orifice.  The vast majority of manufactured homes, which are equipped with gas, use natural gas.  The gas range should be carefully adjusted for the correct fuel at the time of occupying the home.

CAUTION:  Before moving your home, the main valve at any outside gas cylinder must be turned off.  Always notify the gas company before moving your home.

Electric Ranges:

Care should be taken in cleaning the control panels and the burners in a manner that they will not be damaged.  For proper cleaning instructions, consult the manual for your range.


To allow proper air circulation, open grillwork at the top or bottom should never be covered.  The grill should be brushed or vacuumed as needed.  The interior and exterior can be cleaned with any of the recommended cleaning agents listed in the operating instructions for your specific refrigerator.

Other Appliances:

A dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, washer & dryer, tub with jets, or other optional appliances may be provided with your home.  Operating instructions for factory installed optional appliances will be included with this manual or inside the appliance.  If the appliance has ben installed by yor dealer, or other party, the warranty and operating information may be located differently.