Manufactured Home Doors

What To Do


The care of doors in your Jacobsen Home is the same as in any other type of home.  The exterior doors have been installed so they provide a specific amount of clearance at all sides.  The clearance space is normally filled with flexible weather stripping.  If the door clearances are not maintained, there is a likelihood that the door will bind and ultimately the door and hardware may fracture.  Proper installation and leveling of your home is essential to assure that the door will remain weather tight and that the locking device will function properly.  If your home is not level your door could be "racked" to the point where it will not open and close properly.  All manufactured homes have a minimum of two exterior doors which are remote from each other and provide a means of exit to the outside.  You may have one or more swing doors, or sliding glass doors.  Every member of your household should be taught how to open them..  The passage to all exterior doors should be dept clear and free of obstructions that may hinder your ability to safely exit your home in the event of an emergency.

What Not To Do


Do not block any exits from your home.  This may be your only means of escape.                                                                                        










 Locks and Keys:

Locks on exterior doors are designed to function properly when the depth behind the door strike permits the latch bolt to be fully extended.  The house must be level so that the latch bolt and the door strike are completely in alignment.  If not, an adjustment should be made so that the door strike and the latch bolt will mate properly, (see your set-up manual provided in the Home Owners Packet shipped with your manufactured home).  Powdered graphite should be used occasionally to lubricate any lock mechanism.  A record should be kept of the identification number and make of your home's locks.  With this information, it should be possible to obtain a duplicate key from a locksmith if your keys are lost.