Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms have been installed in your Jacobsen Homes.  You should become familiar with the locations and operation.  Learn how the alarms can be silenced once they have sounded and be familiar with their use.  This is a very important safety device installed for your protection.  Be sure that they are kept in A-1 working condition by testing them frequently in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

The alarms operate on household current, and have battery backups.  Its purpose is to provide early warning in case of fire.  Again, we stress the importance of keeping your smoke alarms in proper working order.

Many fire departments advocate household drills.  Your local fire department may have suggestions to help you set up practice drills for your household so that each member understands the location and operation of exit doors and egress windows.

You should never disconnect your smoke alarms.  This is a extremely unsafe practice.  Most new smoke detectors are equipped with a button that will turn off a nuisance alarm and then reactivate your detector so it still functions.  If your detector is disconnected you may have no early warning that fire is present and therefore, you may not have an adequate amount of time to escape.