Manufactured Home Windows

Windows should be opened frequently and cleaned around the casing.  A good window cleaning preparation should be used to clean the glass.  Any loose screws in window frames should be tightened.

Emergency Exit (Egress) Windows

All manufactured homes built in compliance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards are required to have an emergency exit in each bedroom that does not have an exterior door.

This window, called an egress window, must have an instruction label on it when the home is delivered to the home owner.  We strongly suggest that you have these instructions attached to your window.  All members of your family should be taught how to operate the window in case of an emergency.  These windows should be tested on a regular basis to insure they are in proper working order.  Alway leave the area in front of an egress window clear so you can easily exit in case of an emergency. 

Never block the path to an emergency egress window.  In the case of an emergency this could be your only mean of escape.

Window Treatments

You may have one of many different types of window coverings your windows: window blinds, vertical blinds, wood shutters, or draperies. 

In most cases surface dirt on blinds or shutters can be easily removed with a soft damp cloth, sponge or with a vacuum cleaner using one of the special attachments.  No further care should be necessary.  However, if there is a stubborn stain or grease spot, a mild detergent solution can be applied.

Dry Cleaning is recomended for all types of drapery materials.

Strong soaps and cleaners are not advisable on blinds and shutters.

It is not advisable to wash draperies material.