Drainage System:

Your home's drainage system has been carefully designed.  Your retailer or installer will provide the final connections of the dranage system and the connections to your sewer system on you homes.

Once this drain connection has been completed, the drain system works much like that of any other building.

The most likely problems you will ever encounter with your drain system is clogging, usually caused by large objects placed into the sink or toilet drains.  We do not recommend that food scraps be washed down the sink drain unless  they are processed through a garbage disposal.  Grease, fats, and oils may cause problems, especially if drain lines are exposed during cold weather.

If stoppage occurs, which you can not clear with a "plumber's helper", a commercial drain cleaner, or if you have other drain problems, call your retailer, serviceman, or qualified plumber for assistance.

NOTE:  Do not use a heat tape on exposed drain lines.