Water Heater:

All types of water heaters are equipped with temperature and pressure relief valves to prevent the build-up of dangerous temperatures and/or pressures if the thermostat should fail.  If it becomes necessary to install a new water heater in your manufactured home, be sure that a proper pressure and temperature relief valve is installed on your new water heater, and that the vent extends undiminished in size to a point where it will discharge underneath the manufactured home.  Fuel burning water heater, those fired by gas or oil, used in manufactured homes draw fresh air to support combustion from the outside of the home.

Your manufacture home is equipped with a water heater pan.  The drain from the pan must extend to the exterior of the skirting of your home. 

CAUTION:  If a replacement of your water heater is required, the replacement equipment MUST be listed for use with a manufactured home.  Also see Fuel-Burning Heat Producing Appliances for more information on fuel-burning systems.