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Selecting The Right Manufactured and Modular Home Floor Plans

Jacobsen Homes has a wide variety of floor plans for manufactured and modular homes that you can choose from. In the event you don’t find just the right floor plan for you, we can custom design a home to fit your needs.

A new home is a big investment, so it is important to think about, not only today, but what your future needs may be. Choosing floor plans for manufactured homes is a big step. How many bedrooms do you need? Is your family still growing, will you need more space in the future? Do you need a home office? If your retired, do you need an extra bedroom for when the grandchildren visit? Are you looking for a second home for the winter months? Will you eventually make it your permanent home? All these questions should be answered before you decide on floor plans for manufactured and modular homes.

Click here to view our floor plans for manufactured homes . Remember that at Jacobsen Homes, we also offer custom built floor plans for manufactures homes to fit your needs.