Home Décor Trends To Look For in 2022 and Beyond

Posted: January 12, 2022 by Jacobsen Homes

With the new year here, it’s likely that you have your sights set on some exciting goals. Many people view the start of a new year as a fresh start – an opportunity to reinvent different parts of their lives or themselves. What better time to update your home with the latest styles than the new year? Let’s explore the top 2022 home décor trends.

2022 Home Décor Trends

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, in search of another property, or currently live in one, manufactured homes offer the design versatility that many seek – and at an affordable price compared to site-built homes. Here’s what’s trending for 2022 home design and how you can incorporate these styles into your manufactured home design.

Earth Tones

Warm neutral tones are making a comeback. Think nude, cream, beige, tan, brown, and even more vibrant shades like rust and deep red. In addition, shades of green are also trending – giving homeowners a broad color palette to work with. The best part: since these colors are easy to work with, you won’t have to worry about making them a more permanent part of your home. 

At Jacobsen Homes, we offer many different color schemes for you to choose from when you’re designing your homes. Most of our finishes and features match these beautiful, earth-toned hues: 

  • Countertops and Backsplashes. Both our countertops and backsplashes are available in different finishes and patterns to best suit your style preferences, and you can mix and match them to customize your kitchen design even more. 

  • Cabinets. Choose from a range of natural wood tones, including Truffle, Sienna, and White for your kitchen cabinets.

  • Lap or Board and Batten Siding. Our lap siding and board and batten siding are available in different neutral colors such as Olive, Clay, Tan, and more.

  • Shingle or Metal Roofs. Select a shingle roof in Desert Tan or Beachwood Sand, or upgrade to a Brick Red or Evergreen metal roof.

  • Flooring. Our flooring options are designed to resemble natural textures and colors. Choose vinyl flooring that looks like tile or natural wood. Upgrade to laminate flooring, which you can find in a variety of colors: Aruba, Caicos, Grand Cayman, Playa, and Bay of Plenty.

Biophilic Design

Along with natural earthy color schemes, biophilic design is another design tactic that’s expected to become more popular this year. Biophilic design focuses on incorporating nature into our environments. There are many ways you can do this with your manufactured home. Use hanging plant pots, a vase of your favorite flowers, or potted plants inside of your home to add a simple touch of nature. If you’re looking for something more involved, consider revamping your manufactured home’s landscaping or garden

You can use other design tactics to bring this trend into your home. Hang photos or paintings of natural scenes and landscapes. Choose natural-toned finishes, like those that mimic the look and feel of natural wood. Stick to a neutral color scheme, similar to what’s described above. Use window treatments that allow you to bring in natural light. And finally, add a patio or deck to your home to increase your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Floor Plans That Create Privacy

With many people still working from home, floor plans that give you separation from the rest of the family are expected to increase in popularity. The best way to achieve this trend? Choose a large home floor plan with more bedrooms. A four-bedroom or five-bedroom floor plan, for example, can give your big family plenty of space. Or, if you don’t have a big family, you’ll have ample room to convert these bedrooms into other kinds of rooms: home gyms, meditation and relaxation rooms, libraries, home offices, craft rooms, and more. The options are endless, and having this dedicated space to do what you love can increase your satisfaction with your home. 

Other Design Ideas 

In addition to the trends described above, designers predict that homeowners will also gravitate toward: 

  • Curved and organic shapes – from furniture to art to decorations, and beyond. This trend takes a step away from the straight lines and sharp edges we’ve seen traditionally used in home design. Hang rounded mirrors or picture frames on your walls, add a curved couch and coffee table to your living area, or place home decorations with softer edges around your home.

  • Antique or vintage pieces are making their way back into modern homes, but not at full force. Incorporate your favorite thrift store finds and antiqued treasures throughout your more modern décor to make a statement.

  • Sustainability is another big home trend, which is to be expected since more and more people are becoming aware of their carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. Due to their efficient building processes, manufactured homes are an eco-friendly housing option by nature.

Jacobsen Homes Makes it Easy To Stay On-Trend 

Jacobsen Homes prides itself upon providing high-quality, customizable manufactured homes to families throughout Florida for decades. When you partner with us, you get to work with our team of expert designers, who can help you create the manufactured home design of your dreams. What’s more, the affordability of manufactured home features and finishes allows you to stay in style and on budget – it’s a win-win! 

We’re also green home builders and are happy to help you make strides toward sustainable living. We build our homes using efficient construction methods designed to maximize building resources and conserve energy.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to design the manufactured home you’ve always wanted. If you’re not ready to buy, you can also browse our constructions in person at any of our model centers in Florida.