Frequently Asked Questions About Jacobsen Manufactured Homes

Why should I consider a manufactured home?

In case you're not familiar with what a manufactured home is, here are several benefits they offer: Affordability and great value, high-quality materials, customization of floor plans and features, and energy-efficient. Manufactured homes are built in accordance with federal building codes set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), reassuring you of a sound, safe structure for years to come.

Can you help me find land for my new home?

If you are looking for private property not in a community, most retail centers have realtors they work with, who can assist you with finding land zoned for a manufactured home. There are many communities located throughout Florida, both leased land and land ownership, that are zoned strictly for manufactured homes. Manufactured home communities offer many amenities, along with a sense of community that many homeowners appreciate. Some of these communities cater to residents aged 55 and up, while others welcome all ages.

How is a manufactured home different from a traditional home?

A manufactured home is built in a factory, unlike a traditional home that’s built on-site. Once it’s finished, it’s delivered to your chosen site. A typical manufacturer produces many homes at a time, gaining economies of scale and keeping overall costs down.

How are your homes constructed?

Our engineering department uses computer-aided drafting to design a home to the buyer’s specifications. Because our homes are constructed in a factory, they can be built more efficiently than a site-built home. Here’s a more detailed look into how our homes are built.

Is financing available for a manufactured home?

If you are financing the home only, you would take out a chattel mortgage. For packages that include the home and the land, there are conventional mortgages available, along with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veterans Administration (VA), mortgages. Check with your local retail center or community for more details.