Frequently Asked Questions About Jacobsen Manufactured Homes

When I’m ready to buy, what’s next?

Take the next step by contacting your nearest model center to get pricing information on your selected floor plan and to schedule a tour. Experts there are standing by ready to guide you through your journey to owning a Jacobsen Home.

Can manufactured homes withstand storms or hurricanes as well as site-built homes?

As a result of changes in the past few decades, manufactured homes provide greater protection from dangerous weather events than ever before. The HUD Code specifies that a manufactured home must be able to withstand the maximum expected wind strength of the region. Different parts of Florida fall into Wind Zones 2 or 3. Whichever zone you live in, rest assured that Jacobsen Homes uses the most advanced components and technology, meeting or exceeding code requirements for safety.

Are your homes covered by a warranty?

Jacobsen Homes offers a one-year warranty, along with a 2/10 Home Buyers Warranty, which is a structural warranty.

Can I buy directly from the factory?

In order to buy directly from the factory, you must have a Dealer's License issued by the State of Florida. Instead, we invite you to visit one of our local retail centers.

What’s the down payment amount for a home purchase?

For more information on financing, check with your local retail center or manufactured home community.

Do you offer rental options?

Our homes are available for sale only, but many home shoppers find them more affordable than traditional homes. This can be a great opportunity to go from renting to homeownership.

Can any Jacobsen Homes floor plan be built as a modular?

Yes, most of our floor plans can be built as either a manufactured home or modular home.

What is the difference between a manufactured and modular home?

A manufactured home is built to the National Building Code (HUD), while a modular home is built to the Florida State Building Codes. There are a few other notable differences between manufactured and modular homes.

Can I order a home that isn’t at one of your model centers?

Yes, your local model center can help you design and customize a home that's perfect for your wants and needs.

Which models are available for viewing at your model centers?

Check with your local model center to ask about available model homes, or tour different homes online or in-person through our Home and Design Center.

Where can I see a model of your manufactured homes?

We’ve made that part easy! We have model centers throughout Florida. Find a model center near you.

Can I make changes to the floor plans?

Yes, the majority of our floor plans are flexible, allowing you the creative freedom to design your own dream home!

What floor plans do you offer?

To accommodate our customers' diverse needs in a home, we offer a number of floor plans from cozy two-bedrooms to double and triple wide homes! View our full list of available floor plans.

What sizes of floor plans do your homes offer?

Our homes range from two bedrooms to five bedrooms. We build homes from 700 square feet up to a spacious 2,700 square feet.

What energy-efficient features are available in your homes?

Jacobsen Homes is proud to be a green builder. Check out our full list of energy-efficient features available for your home, including EnergyStar appliances and shingles, water saving features, and whole-home ventilation systems, to name a few.

Can you install the home for me?

There are independent retail centers located throughout Florida, along with numerous manufactured home communities. These retail centers and communities have contractors that install the home on your property.

I already own property. Can I place my manufactured home there?

If your land is zoned properly for a manufactured home, yes, you can. Make sure to get the proper permits and confirm any size restrictions.

Where can I place a manufactured home?

You can place a home in an area, neighborhood, or community zoned for manufactured homes. Be sure to confirm any size restrictions.

Are Jacobsen Homes manufactured homes installed on a foundation?

Here’s a quick look at how are our homes are installed:
  • Manufactured home: Set on block piers
  • On-frame modular home: Set on either block piers or poured piers
  • Off-frame modular home: Set on a stem-wall or stilt

How much do Jacobsen Homes manufactured homes cost?

At Jacobsen Homes, we can refer you to local retail centers or communities in your desired area for specific pricing information. We are unable to provide pricing from the factory because each home is different.

Why should I consider a manufactured home?

In case you're not familiar with what a manufactured home is, here are several benefits they offer: Affordability and great value, high-quality materials, customization of floor plans and features, and energy-efficient. Manufactured homes are built in accordance with federal building codes set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), reassuring you of a sound, safe structure for years to come.

Can you help me find land for my new home?

If you are looking for private property not in a community, most retail centers have realtors they work with, who can assist you with finding land zoned for a manufactured home. There are many communities located throughout Florida, both leased land and land ownership, that are zoned strictly for manufactured homes. Manufactured home communities offer many amenities, along with a sense of community that many homeowners appreciate. Some of these communities cater to residents aged 55 and up, while others welcome all ages.

How is a manufactured home different from a traditional home?

A manufactured home is built in a factory, unlike a traditional home that’s built on-site. Once it’s finished, it’s delivered to your chosen site. A typical manufacturer produces many homes at a time, gaining economies of scale and keeping overall costs down.

How are your homes constructed?

Our engineering department uses computer-aided drafting to design a home to the buyer’s specifications. Because our homes are constructed in a factory, they can be built more efficiently than a site-built home. Here’s a more detailed look into how our homes are built.

Is financing available for a manufactured home?

If you are financing the home only, you would take out a chattel mortgage. For packages that include the home and the land, there are conventional mortgages available, along with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veterans Administration (VA), mortgages. Check with your local retail center or community for more details.