Top Things to Do in Florida in Summer

Posted: June 29, 2019 by Jacobsen Homes
Beat the Heat or Fun in the Sun!
Florida weather is ideal year-round but what are some of the top things to get you out of your manufactured home and into a local adventure. There is no shortage of places for fun in the sun (don’t forget the sunscreen!) from theme parks to endless white sand beaches to natural springs. Check out the top spots we recommend visiting in Florida this summer:
Blue Springs State Park
Located in Central Florida, Blue Spring State Park is centrally located no matter where you live in Florida. Boasting over 700 natural freshwater springs in Florida, this 2,600-acre area offers kayaking and paddling in crystal clear waters.
Bok Tower Gardens
The climate in Florida allows for stunning landscapes with subtropical gardens lush with a variety of flora to explore. Bok Tower Gardens, also located in central Florida, is most well known for a 205-foot bell tower and a 60-bell carillon. With an impressive variety of camellias, orchids, irises and other blooming flowers, you’re sure to spend a great day in its 250 acres.
America’s Largest Freshwater Pool
The Venetian Pool located in Coral Gables is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is named America’s largest freshwater swimming pool. This freshwater paradise holds over 820,000 gallons of crystal-clear freshwater that is brought in from artesian wells daily. Enjoy a tropical oasis with waterfalls and cave-like grottos.
Snorkel in the Dry Tortugas
Florida is home to a variety of areas around the state for outstanding snorkeling however it is difficult to hold a candle to the Dry Tortugas for exploring underwater marine life. A quick 70 miles from Key West, Dry Tortugas National Park holds a vibrant array of tropical fish and living coral. Plus, this is something both novice and advanced swimmers can both enjoy on a hot summer day!
Love Where You Live – Jacobsen Homes in Florida
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