Must-Try Winter Home Décor Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

Posted: November 17, 2021 by Jacobsen Homes

The winter season is often a time where we get together with loved ones, celebrate the holidays, participate in seasonal activities, and reflect on what’s important. Decorating your home is a fun way to get excited for, celebrate, and acknowledge each season. Here are some ways you can decorate your manufactured home to ring in the winter season.

Decorate Your Entryway 

A door-hanging decoration or wreath is a classic holiday décor trend. You can also switch it up by putting planters on either side of your entryway with seasonal greenery, pine trees, holly, or poinsettias. Choose a colorful, festive welcome mat for a functional yet decorative touch. Take it a step further by putting seasonal winter flowers such as violas, pansies, lenten roses, camellia, or winter jasmine throughout your landscaping

Use Decorative Lights 

Hang string lights on your home’s roof, patio, shrubs, or trees. Get lighted decorations and place them on your back or front porch or around your yard or entryway. You can even get classic-style or seasonal lanterns with electric, battery-powered lights or candles and place those around your home and entryway. Faux candles and candlesticks are a great way to create a cozy look and feel, without having to worry about turning them on and off. 

Cozy Up Your Living Room 

Keep your living room on-trend with pops of color or a monochromatic color scheme. Cool-toned colors such as whites, blues, grays, and silver create an understated wintertime feel. Deep navy or icy blue, charcoal gray, cream, and snow-white are all great color choices for this palette. Boost the cozy feel by incorporating rich colors such as gold, emerald green, rust orange, warm brown, and deep purple. Or, keep it bright and fun with touches of lavender, red, teal, or bright pink. 

Incorporate these colors throughout your home decor. Add decorative throw pillows and throw blankets to your couch. Place decorative accents such as figurines and sculptures, wreaths, garlands, or DIY decor throughout your living room. Hang themed artwork or photos. Swap your picture frames to match your decor. 

Use Seasonal Scents

Bring the spirit of winter inside with decorative candles. Choose luxurious seasonal winter scents such as balsam and pine, firewood, or peppermint. Warm it up with cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar. Opt for a decorative candle holder to boost your decorations even more. 

If you’re not a fan of candles, you can also go for seasonal wax melts, which have the same scents but instead of using a flame, they are melted with a decorative wax melt holder that plugs into the wall. Essential oil diffusers are another candle alternative. You can purchase a pre-made blend or create your own scents by mixing essential oils. Try different combinations of festive scents such as cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, mint, pine, ginger, sandalwood, orange, lemon, frankincense… the list goes on.

Focus on the Fireplace 

Fireplaces provide the ultimate cozy feeling in your home, and it’s likely you will use them during particularly cold days and nights. Add decorations around the fireplace to bring more attention to it. Place candles, photos, pieces of art, floral arrangements, sculptures, and more on the mantle. 

Create a Winter-Themed Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

Visit your local craft store for the materials for a DIY centerpiece or save time by purchasing a pre-made one. Create a warm-toned centerpiece with frosted cranberries, twigs, and cinnamon sticks. Take the natural, earthy route with pine branches, greenery, and pine cones. Snowflakes, blue ribbons, and white and blue synthetic flowers can make for a beautiful cool-toned centerpiece.

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