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Live life luxuriously in quality modular homes

The Premier Innovator and Design Contractor with complete installation in the Modular and Manufactured Home Industry, with 27 years in business and 35 years’ experience. The foremost knowledgeable and experienced in home design, construction of Modular Structures in Florida.

Five Star has and always been on the forefront of structural and interior design, utilizing 3-D computer techniques for over 22 years able us to create in detail to allow the consumer to view their own or the designers image. Chester Edwards is the owner and designer who re-established modular housing in the mid-90s after over 30 years of Modular absence in Florida.

The company designs, creates, builds, and installs a turnkey home with unlimited amount of plans, materials, and multitude of installation applications as well as on site attached structures. With an engineering firm and surveyor available to create, and a staff of the most experienced contractors anywhere, who can perform a superior and solid structural installation.

Edwards, owner and structural designer of Modular Homes, is an individual who forced the legal Modular Home installation in many counties, municipalities, and home owner associations in Mobile / Manufactured Home zoned locations.

Five Star is unlike the rest of the industry, not like a Mobile Home / Auto type dealership. We do not use sales people. No one will tell you what you want to hear for the purpose of a sale and the sake of a commission.

Count on Five Star Modular Designs to build your home while keeping you updated throughout the construction process.

Consult with our locally owned company for your modular home design needs.

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