Energy-Efficient Features Your Manufactured Home Needs Right Now

Posted: October 05, 2021 by Jacobsen Homes

Due to their construction process, versatility, and environmentally friendly material options, manufactured homes are generally more energy-efficient than site-built homes. 

Manufacturers buy their building materials in bulk and construct them based on specific models, leading to a much less wasteful building process. Since builders can repurpose leftover materials from other projects and recycle scraps, significantly less waste makes it into landfills — which is especially important considering that construction and renovation waste accounts for 40% of landfills.

In addition to their efficient building processes, manufactured homes are highly customizable, allowing you to handpick environmentally friendly materials, features, and appliances to reap the benefits of energy efficiency long-term.

Popular Energy-Efficient Features For Manufactured Homes 

When it comes to energy-efficient manufactured homes and their features, you have many options in terms of home structure, design, and materials. While this isn't a comprehensive list, these are common ways homeowners and builders alike incorporate sustainability in their home constructions:

  • Roofing. Choose ENERGY STARⓇ shingles to reduce the amount of heat transferred from the roof to your home, which can greatly reduce temperature control costs. Ensure that the home builder thickly insulates your roof to allow for better temperature control.

  • Flooring. Select well-insulated flooring to ensure better temperature control.

  • Lighting. Select LED or fluorescent light bulbs for better energy-efficient lighting

  • Efficient heating and cooling systems. Install a thermostat that offers a schedule or timer feature so that your heating and cooling systems aren't running unnecessarily or at extreme temperatures when no one is home.

  • Green ventilation systems. Choose efficient ventilation systems to prevent moisture and humidity from building up and wreaking havoc on your home.

  • Home colors. Opt for a light home exterior and roof, and interior walls, floors, and ceilings. Lighter home colors don't absorb heat as much as darker ones do, helping you better control and regulate your home's temperature. 

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Energy-efficient features, as their name implies, are designed to minimize the amount of energy your home systems use to run at optimal performance, and any energy they do use is used effectively. Energy-efficient home features offer many benefits both short- and long-term. 

Efficient building processes lower the labor costs and amount of waste and energy used during the construction process. Efficiency means more savings and lower environmental impact — it's a win-win for both you and the environment. 

Long-term, these features can help you save on your energy bills. In addition to cost savings, energy-efficient features can make your home much more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

Regularly evaluate your home's condition to identify and fix any issues that can decrease your home's efficiency. For example, the caulking or weather-stripping around your doors and windows can wear down over time, allowing outside air to make its way inside. You will also want to replace outdated appliances and features regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Jacobsen Homes Is a Green Manufactured Home Builder

Choosing the right materials and a manufactured home builder that’s dedicated to green building practices can help you in terms of energy efficiency both now and well into the future.

Jacobsen Homes is proud to be a green manufactured home builder. During the home construction process, we use construction methods designed to reduce waste, conserve energy, and lower labor costs. What’s more, we recycle and repurpose all of the materials that we can to further minimize waste. These methods, along with the efficient appliances and features we offer, enable you to experience the benefits of energy efficiency for years to come when you choose a Jacobsen manufactured home.

Contact us today to start designing your very own energy-efficient manufactured home. Our team of expert engineers and designers will work with you to create a house you're proud to call home.