How Are Manufactured and Modular Homes Built?


Manufactured and modular homes are constructed in a controlled environment, unencumbered by weather, in an efficient assembly line process. The construction methods produce less waste, reduce labor costs, and conserve energy, while construction takes place faster, at a lower cost, and with less environmental waste than with a traditional, site-built home. Learn about the stages of building a manufactured or modular home.


Stage 1: Ordering Materials


The first stage involves the builder ordering all necessary materials—usually in bulk, saving you money. Many materials meet green building standards, and little goes to waste.


Stage 2: Frame and Floor Construction


The building process begins with the construction of the steel I-beam frame.  Next floor joists are built and installed and the polyvinyl bottom board is added.  Next the floor insulation is installed along with the plumbing lines and electrical wires that will be brought up for connections. The tongue-and-groove floor decking is then glued into place and fastened down with ring shank nails.

Stage 3: Wall Installation

First the 2” x 6” exterior walls are constructed and hoisted into place.  Next the batt insulation is placed between the wall studs, the structural sheathing is then added.  Finally, the House Wrap is applied.  Meanwhile the interior walls are set into place and the plumbing and wiring is brought up through the walls and the cabinets are set in place.


Stage 4: Roof Department


The truss roof rafter system is built and hoisted into place.  The roof insulation is then added, next the oriented strand board roof sheathing is installed. The roof is then covered with roofing felt and asphalt laminated reinforced underlayment. The fiberglass shingles are then fastened into place.


Stage 5: Windows and Siding


Next, the windows and siding are installed. These features, along with the rest of the manufactured home, meet or exceed state or federal building code standards for storms and hurricanes.


Stage 6: Trim and Final Finish


It is now time for the finishing touches.  All trim (ceiling, floor, door, and wall moldings) are installed, appliances are placed, and the home is cleaned.  Next, the home will go through both a water and electrical function test.  Now the home is ready to ship.


Stage 7: After Delivery


The home is Set-up on your lot by the dealer  Sub-contractors are scheduled to paint, or tape-and-texture the interior walls. If you have ordered tile or laminate flooring, this is done after the home is set-up to avoid damage during shipping.


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