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Green Builder

A Jacobsen Home is naturally Green due to the way our homes are constructed.  Our controlled building environment allows us to store materials inside out of the weather, reducing moisture content in the lumber and other susceptible building materials we use.  Our construction methods also produce less waste, reduces labor cost, and conserves energy.  We recycle products to prevent the waste of potentially useful materials, which reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, and reduces Energy consumed in conventional waste disposal.  This all adds to the lowering of Greenhouse gases.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle



 OSB Floor Decking
 Energy Star Shingles available
 15-lb Roofing Felt
 Asphalt Laminated Underlayment
 Engineered Wood Products
 Fiberglass Wall and Floor Insulation
 Blown Cellulose Ceiling Insulation
 3/8” Structural Sheathing on Exterior Walls
 Vinyl Lap Siding
 Vinyl Flooring
 Carpet and Pad
 MDF Cabinet Materials
 Energy Star Appliances available
 Home Guard House Wrap available
 Gypsum Board (Drywall)
 Fluorescent or LED Lights available
 Faucet Aerators
 Ultra Low-flow Toilets
 State “Warrior Glass” Water Heater
 Cosmetic Trim
 Cementous Board Fascia
 Steel I-Beam Frames

Green Mobile Home Builder


Controlled Building Environment
 Minimum 3/12 Roof pitch with Air        Admittance Vents
 Floor System Sealed Underlayment
 Resource Efficient Wall System
 Light Colored Walls, Ceiling, and Flooring
 Shut-off Valves to each Toilet & Sink
 Sealed Water Heater Compartment

Green Mobile Home Builder


Whole House Positive Ventilation System
 Fiber Reinforced Mastic Sealed Airtight    Insulated Flex-Duct System
 Sealed Interior Risers
 Documented Proper Sizing of HVAC System
 Required “R-8” Supply Duct
 Non-powered Roof Vents
 Whole House Return Air
 Easy Access HVAC Filter
 Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Mobile Green Homes | Jacobsen Homes

Recycled Building Materials

 Copper Wiring
 Steel used in Frames
 Vinyl Lap Siding
 Cardboard delivery Boxes
 Styrofoam Packaging
 Wood Pallets
 Wire Spools
 Metal Crates
 Scrap Lumber