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A History of Manufactured Homes

Posted: February 13, 2017 by Global Administrator

From humble beginnings to the modern designs of today, manufactured homes have undergone a transformation in style and efficiency.  The modern history of manufactured homes began with a need to provide housing that could be easily relocated. Over time, technology and materials have dramatically improved the process, making manufactured homes a viable choice for a permanently placed structure for residential use. They are now a popular alternative to traditional brick and mortar construction, especially in regions known for high real estate prices or desired locations for second homes such as Florida.

Looking back to the 1950s, demand began increasing for affordable housing that was not only mobile, but could also be set up in a semi-permanent or permanent basis. By the mid-50’s, factory built homes increased in size from eight foot wide to the 10-foot wide model. This larger size required an industrial truck to transport the home to the lot and marked the beginning of the trend in larger manufactured homes with more permanent placement. By the 1970s, the manufacturing process became standardized in regard to quality, materials, and energy efficiency requirements.  Construction and certification became mandated when The Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (commonly known as the HUD Code) went into effect June 15, 1976. Today’s manufactured homes are usually moved to a permanent location and carry affixed HUD certification tags directly after manufacture.


From the beginning, Jacobsen Homes has been a leading authority in developing modern engineering processes and designs for the market. The Jacobsen Family started building manufactured homes in Florida in 1959. They pioneered floor plans in the 1980s using Auto-CAD.  With computer-aided design and a customer-focused philosophy, Jacobsen Homes has continued to ensure precision and maximization of usable space along with modern home finishes. In addition to a catalog of choices in floor plans, they often create custom-built homes by incorporating the customer’s own design ideas. In Florida, they are the largest manufactured home builder. Year after year, they are the highest rated producer in the state.


Today’s manufactured homes use less energy, incorporating a whole building design philosophy. They are attractive, functional, water-efficient, resilient to wind, seismic forces, and moisture penetration. If you are thinking about a home in Florida, a Jacobsen Home either custom-built or already located in a resort community may be the option you are looking for.

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The Jacobsen Family started building manufactured homes in Florida in 1959. They pioneered floor plans in the 1980s usingAuto-CAD....
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