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One of the first questions people tend to ask themselves when searching for the perfect new manufactured home is, “how many bedrooms do we need?” It’s important to take time to think about it before answering, though, as this seemingly simple question requires consideration of both your current situation and your future needs.

Whether you’re looking to downsize or searching for a place to start your family, manufactured homes allow you to customize them to your unique living situation – affordably. Read on as we discuss key things to think about when deciding how many bedrooms you need in your manufactured home.

Consider the Size of Your Household

Three is the average number of bedrooms in American homes. This, coupled with the fact that the average family has 1.9 children, and it quickly becomes clear that three bedrooms can be taken up pretty fast. Parents get one master bedroom and, if the children get their way, each sibling gets his or her own bedroom. However, lifestyles across families vary tremendously, and you want to make sure you have enough space to meet your family’s needs and stay comfortable not only now but for the years to come.

You may have more than two children or are planning to continue growing your family. You may be caring for an elderly family member or are renting rooms to roommates. You may want extra space for your grandchildren, siblings, friends, or other loved ones to stay with you when they visit. The needs and comfort of you and your loved ones – both now, and in the future – should be a top consideration when deciding how many bedrooms your manufactured home needs, which brings us to our next point.

Plan for Your Future Living Needs

Based on the math above, it’s safe to say you will need one bedroom for each couple, family member, or permanent guest. You also want to think about how your needs could change in the future. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to have additional children?
  • If you’re a grandparent, will grandchildren live with you part of the time?
  • If you’re a parent with children in college, do they plan to return to the nest before moving to their own, more permanent address?
  • Have you thought about foster parenting?
  • Do you expect frequent out-of-town guests to stay with you?
  • Will your parents require a place to stay as part of their care plan as they age?

With these things considered, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. You will want to choose what’s right for you in the long term.

Account for Your Budget

No one knows for sure what will happen in life, but having extra space in your home allows you to prepare for the possibilities to a degree. Fortunately, if you’re on a budget or just price-conscious and are looking for a larger home with more bedrooms, modular or manufactured homes are a great option (explore the differences here). Their efficient building methods and economical materials make them more affordable than site-built homes – without cutting corners in terms of quality or safety.

This makes adding bedrooms to a manufactured home more cost-effective than it would be with a traditional, site-built home. At the same time, manufactured and modular homes share other benefits that allow you to make certain upgrades without going over budget such as choosing luxury finishes, installing a fireplace, upgrading your appliances, and more. In short, manufactured homes offer great value: Giving you more for your money.

Think About the Value of an Extra Bedroom

The more spacious your home, the more flexibility you have for your lifestyle. Say you decide to go with a four-bedroom or five-bedroom manufactured home. Are you wondering how you’ll use all that space? It’s not hard to do – and the options are endless! While many people choose to use extra rooms as guest bedrooms, you can also get creative with the space. Here are a few ideas:

  • Exercise, workout, or yoga room
  • Office to work from home
  • Sewing or hobby room
  • Library or study
  • Playroom or game room
  • Themed entertainment room
  • Organized storage space
  • Movie room or home theater
  • Walk-in closet
  • Music room
  • At-home bar
  • Pet room

You can even use spare rooms for multiple purposes. Choose multi-functional furniture, such as a futon or sofa bed, collapsible desk or side tables, or ottomans and benches that double as storage bins. If your spare rooms aren’t large, think of unique ways to maximize your vertical space. For example, opt for a loft bed so that you can use the floor space underneath it for your desk, storage, and more – while still having room for visitors if you need it.

Evaluate How Your Family Will Use the Space

In addition to the number of bedrooms, you’ll want to choose the best floor plan configuration for your family. How each room in your home is laid out will impact how you use the space and its comfort and convenience. For example, you will want to think about which way each bedroom faces in the house and how its placement would affect noise levels and sunlight. You probably want a baby’s room or your home office in the quietest corner of the house, while a game room would be fine to have near the busy street.

Think about your daily life and how you and your family would actually use the space in your home. This will help you figure out exactly what floor plan will best suit your family’s needs. If you’re not sure which configuration would work best for you, look into the best-selling, most popular floor plans first. Many home buyers have similar wants and needs, and you can take inspiration from what has worked for others.

Take an In-Person or Virtual Tour To Explore Your Options

The number of bedrooms you want in your home should be part of your base criteria. Once you know that, finding the right size home becomes much easier. There are multiple ways to find a perfectly sized manufactured or modular home. The easiest way is to look at homes by their number of bedrooms, however, you can also filter them by square footage, size (small or large or single, double, or triple-wide), and features.

Whether you’re interested in a two-, three-, four-, or five-bedroom manufactured or modular home, we have a solution for all families at Jacobsen Homes. Take a virtual tour of the model homes on display at our factory in Safety Harbor or schedule a tour in person to experience the Jacobsen Homes difference firsthand.

Our team of experts will be there for you to answer your questions and help you choose the right home for your lifestyle, budget, and needs. Contact us today to get started.