How Many Bedrooms Does Your Manufactured Home Need?

Posted: February 22, 2018 by Jacobsen Homes

One of the first questions people tend to ask themselves when searching for the perfect new manufactured home is, “how many bedrooms do we need?” Take time to think about it before answering, though. This seemingly simple question requires consideration both for your present situation and your future happiness. Learn about the size and floorplan options, and consider the following seven steps when you decide how many bedrooms you need for your manufactured or modular home.

1. Consider the Size of Your Family and How Much Space They Need

According to U.S. Census data, a three bedroom, two bath, 1,800- sq. ft. home is ideal for most Americans. But, as we all know, lifestyles vary tremendously. The census conclusion might stem from the fact that the average family has 1.9 children. Often, people base the number of bedrooms they need on the number of family members in their household. The parent(s) get one master bedroom and, if the children get their way, each sibling gets his or her own bedroom. Grandparents or roommates should also be accounted for with their own space.

2. Plan for Your Future Living Needs

Start with the math above of one bedroom for each couple, family member, or permanent guest, then think about how your needs could change in the future.

  • Will you have additional children?
  • If you’re a grandparent, will grandchildren live with you part of the time?
  • If you’re a parent with children in college, do they plan to return to the nest before moving to their own, more permanent address?
  • Have you thought about foster parenting?
  • Do you expect frequent out-of-town guests?

Maybe a two bedroom manufactured home offers enough space for you, or maybe you need to think a little bigger.

3. Account for Your Budget

None of us knows for sure what life will throw at us, but we can prepare our homes for the possibilities. Fortunately, if you’re on a budget or just price conscious, a modular home gives you more square footage for your money. So, many people add one more bedroom to a modular home than they would with a traditional, site-built home. At the same time, manufactured and modular homes share other benefits that can be cost effective, such as their energy efficient construction.

4. Think About the Value of an Extra Bedroom

A more spacious home also offers more lifestyle possibilities. Say you decide to go with a four bedroom or even a five bedroom manufactured home. Are you wondering how you’ll use all that space? It’s not hard to do! Of course, an extra bedroom is always nice to have, especially if you have out-of-town relatives. However, many couples and families get creative with an extra room or rooms. These are a few ideas:

  • Guest bedroom
  • Exercise, workout, or yoga room
  • Office to work from home
  • Sewing or hobby room
  • Mini-library
  • Play room or game room
  • Themed entertainment room
  • Organized storage space

5. Consider the Layout

In addition to the number of bedrooms, you’ll want to find the perfect floor plan. For example, you might want a guest room on the far side of the house from the other bedrooms. Or you might want to choose a floor plan that situates a “kids” bathroom in proximity to their bedrooms.
Also, keep in mind which way each bedroom would face from the house and how placement would affect noise levels and sunlight. You probably want a baby’s room in the quietest corner of the house, while a game room can easily face the street. Think about your daily life and picture yourself and your family moving comfortably around your manufactured home. That will help you figure out exactly what you need.
If you’re not sure which floor plan would work best for you, consider the best-selling ones or those that have been trending lately first. Many home buyers have the same needs, and you can take inspiration from what others have learned works for them.

6. Search for a Manufactured Home by Number of Bedrooms

Once you know how many bedrooms you’ll need, there are multiple ways to search for the perfect manufactured or modular home with that amount of space. The easiest way is to look at homes by the number of bedrooms, but you can also review them by square footage, size (small or large or single, double, or triple wide), and features. On average, three bedroom manufactured homes are most popular, but you will want to search for what’s right for you.

7. Take a Virtual Visit to See the Floor Plan Yourself

Without leaving the safety of your home, you can take a virtual tour of the model homes on display at our factory in Safety Harbor.  Many retail centers also offer virtual tours of their Jacobsen model homes. Whether your interest is in a 2, 3, 4, or 5 bedroom manufactured or modular home, we have solutions for all buyers.
We invite you to experience the Jacobsen difference firsthand by scheduling a tour at one of our many model centers or communities across Florida. Our manufactured home builders and expert team can answer your questions and help you choose the right home and number of bedrooms to fit your lifestyle, budget, and tastes.