Wind Storm Protection for your Manufactured Home

       Jacobsen Homes takes great care to insure that your manufactured home is as safe as possible.  Your new manufactured home is designed and constructed to meet or exceed all existing Federal Codes and requirements.  Your new home complies with the Jacobsen Homes Approved Engineering Package, the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, and the National Electrical Code in effect at the time of production of your manufactured home.

       The current Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards require the exterior of a manufactured home constructed for "Zone II" to withstand a force of 39 pounds per square foot, (designed wind speeds of 100 mph), and the exterior of a manufactured home constructed for "Zone III" to withstand a force of 47 pounds per square foot (designed wind speeds of 110 mph), (see Data Sheet/Compliance Certificate located in your home to determine which "Zone" your home was constructed for).  Although your home will meet or exceed these requirements, we strongly suggest that in the event of a hurricane, tornado, or other storms that contain strong, driving, sustained winds, or strong gusting winds that you take appropriate steps and evacuate your home.

       In the event that you have to leave your home during a storm, your manufactured home has been designed in a manner which will allow you to "board up" or "shutter" your windows and doors to help prevent them from being blown out or damaged by flying debris as well as strong or gusting winds.  This extra measure of protection will help to reduce the chances of your manufactured home being damaged during a storm.  In the event that you need to evacuate your home, we suggest that you install an exterior grade rated sheathing plywood over all windows and door areas to protect them from the storm.  Refer to the sub pages for details on installation.

       When a hurricane or severe windstorm approaches, the window and door protection should be installed on your manufactured home.  BEFORE THE PROTECTIVE COVERINGS ARE INSTALLED THE BUILDING MUST BE COMPLETELY VACATED.    (No occupants are to be allowed to remain inside the structure.  All occupants must be removed from the structure before the wind storm protection is installed because the wind storm protection will not permit egress from the manufactured home if a fire or other emergency condition should occur.)  As soon as the storm has subsided, and it is considered safe, you may return to your manufactured home.  All wind storm protection must be removed before any occupancy of the building is permitted.  All holes resulting from the wood screws used to install the storm protection should immediately be filled with a good quality exterior grade caulk.

(Note:  When cutting sheathing to cover windows and doors insure that they are at least 2" larger, each direction measured, than the window or door itself.  The installer of the wind storm protection must verify that the wood screw placement properly engages the lumber framing located in the wall for the attachment of the wind storm protection.)

Click on the below Storm Protection instructional diagrams:

Storm Protection for Doors on your Jacobsen Homes

Storm Protection for Windows & Doors on Your Jacobsen Home A-A

Storm Protection for Windows & Doors on Your Jacobsen Home B-B

Storm Protection for Windows on your Jacobsen Homes