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We knew we wanted to retire to Florida, but our one hesitation was leaving our grandchildren behind. We were used to living in the same city as two of them, with the third one just a few hours drive away. In spite of how close we all lived, it seemed like we always struggled to get everyone in the same place at once. As kids get older, families’ lives get so busy!

My husband and I thought about how hard it was becoming to maintain a big yard, especially when shoveling snow during cold winters. Aside from the upkeep, we were feeling the cold in our bones more and more each year. When we learned about the options and affordability that manufactured homes can offer, we knew it was finally time to head to the Sunshine State for good.

Choosing a Manufactured Home Floor Plan

With Jacobsen Homes, we had so many choices to make the home ours, but most important was the floor plan. We were hoping for enough room to store our lifetime of memories but still host visits from our grandchildren. The perfect option for us was The Imperial Limited Model IMLT-44815B.

Our manufactured home is over 1,200 square feet. It’s almost as big as our old home up north but all on one floor, which makes life easier. We considered a two-bedroom, but when we looked at the cost savings of owning a manufactured home, we decided on a three-bedroom floor plan to accommodate family visits.

Life in Our Jacobsen Manufactured Home

The master bedroom with its big en suite bathroom and walk-in closet give us plenty of space. We love the large living room that feels welcoming to guests when they arrive. Beyond that is our kitchen, with plenty of room to prepare meals, and beautiful cabinets that we picked out. A bonus room off the kitchen makes the perfect little computer nook, where we can video chat with the family up north.

What I’m most appreciative of, though, are the other two bedrooms. We keep them as guest rooms, decorated with a lot of fun memorabilia collected from our travels and our children’s lives. I use one of them as a sunny spot to read, but I’m glad to give up that luxury for my favorite guests!

This past summer, we had all three grandchildren come stay with us at the same time, for a whole month. They loved our house. The guest rooms are side-by-side, along with a guest bathroom, at the opposite end of the house from the master. That way, they feel like they have their own space and we still get some privacy. We had so much fun, and I can’t remember the last time they the cousins got to spend so much time together. I feel like this family time is a gift to both us and them, and it’s so funny that we didn’t appreciate it as much when we lived closer.

Choosing a Manufactured Home

I know our floor plan is perfect for us, but it might not work as well for another family. Luckily, you have options! I would tell anyone who is looking for an affordable home in Florida to browse through the different Jacobsen floor plans and imagine your life in the perfect one.