Which Manufactured Home Right for You? 4 Questions to Answer When Moving

Posted: January 07, 2019 by Global Administrator
4 Questions to Answer When Moving

A manufactured home, commonly also known as a mobile home, might be the perfect solution for anyone wanting an affordable and quality new residence in Florida. Buying a home or moving to a new area is an exciting step, so it’s important to know that the manufactured home you pick meets your needs and lifestyle. Learn what key points to consider when deciding which manufactured home is right for you.  

How much living space do you need?
Contrary to what some may believe, manufactured homes aren’t a one-size-fits all housing option.   Manufactured homes come in a variety of floor plans and square footage options ranging from 820 to 2,500+ square feet. Whether you’re looking for a cozy floor plan option or need space for when the grandkids come to visit, a Jacobsen manufactured home can fit your unique needs. Plus, custom floor plans mean you can decide just how big or small you want to go.

Are there special features you can’t live without?
The beauty of a Jacobsen manufactured home is the range of customizable features available. Selecting personalized options means feeling like you’re living in a home instead of just a house. Whether it’s a full kitchen tile backsplash, fire place, soaking tub, granite counter top, or laminate flooring, consider the variety of features to include in your manufactured home before the building process begins.

How are Jacobsen Homes built to face Florida elements?
Safety during a big storm or hurricane is a concern for everyone. Thanks to developments in technology, construction materials, and experienced builders, Jacobsen Homes are built to meet strict building codes and ensure a sound structure for you and your loved ones. Jacobsen manufactured homes are securely anchored a minimum of 4 feet into the ground. Builders also apply hurricane straps throughout various points in the home to create an even stronger structure.

Do you enjoy living in a close-knit community?
Consider a manufactured home if you want to be a part of a close-knit community in Florida as well as live in an affordable, quality-built home. Be surrounded by like-minded people and get to know your neighbors who are also enjoying their golden years. Many 55-plus communities  are located in the Sunshine State, but not all of these communities feature homes built with such attention to detail and custom fixtures like Jacobsen Homes.
Contact the knowledge experts at Jacobsen Homes to learn more about the manufactured home process and see which floor plan best suits your needs and budget.
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1/31/2019 2:08:22 AM

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How much living space do you need? What features can you live without? These are both very good questions for all homebuyers to consider before they invest their money in such a long-term property.
1/30/2019 5:31:41 PM

Carl Anders
A granite countertop can be fitted into a mobile home? Wow! I'm curious what kind of fasteners and adhesives your builders use to ensure it survives the bangs of the open road.
1/30/2019 6:05:29 AM

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I stayed in a manufactured home (don't know if it was a Jacobsen) last year when I visited Florida, and I was impressed by the craftsmanship. I think people erroneously believe modular homes are inferior to traditionally built homes, but keep an open mind.
1/30/2019 12:10:31 AM

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