What Part of Florida is Right For Me? Where to Live in Your New Manufactured Home

Posted: July 13, 2020 by Jacobsen Homes

Florida is 65,755 square miles, making it the 22nd largest state by land area. Being this big, it offers something for everybody. For example, if you want to be close to the water because you love the beach, you have at least 12 coastal areas to choose from. If you prefer an upland setting with plenty of pine or oak trees, as well as lakes and rivers, you can find that too.

When choosing where to locate your manufactured home, start by choosing your ideal region:

  • North Florida: An area that offers the perfect balance. Some of Florida’s most famous cities are part of this region: Gainesville, Panama City, Jacksonville and the famous St. Augustine, to name a few. With so many options of state parks, museums and springs, this is a good area for individuals seeking adventure. North Florida offers a variety of lifestyle communities and at least one all-age community for manufactured homes.
  • Central West Florida: The place for beach life 24/7, all-year round, thanks to some of the best beaches in the United States, Central West Florida offers manufactured home lifestyle communities for those who wish to live near the coast. If you like to travel, keep in mind that this area is also home to two of the top airports in Florida. 
  • Central & Central East Florida: Close to important attractions, but far enough to not feel overwhelmed by the crowds, Central Florida features several lifestyle and all-age communities. Hiking trails, lakes, museums and tons of options to play golf can also be found here. 
  • South West Florida: Enjoy lifestyle communities near coastal areas of Sarasota, Bradenton, and Naples … more great beaches! The only challenge will be deciding which one is your favorite.
  • South East Florida & The Florida Keys: Live in an all-age manufactured home community in bustling South Florida or the laid back, scenic atmosphere of The Keys. This region has also been recognized as an entrepreneur hotspot. If opening a business or being around economic activity is big for you, this is the place you should consider. 

Other Factors to Keep in Mind About Living in Florida

Although Florida offers many upsides, it's a good idea to learn about and plan for a range of factors.

  • Storm Season: Many Floridians consider themselves experts at reading spaghetti models that trace hurricane activity. Hurricanes are difficult to avoid completely, so keep safety in mind. Did you know that our manufactured homes are designed to withstand hurricanes? They are constructed following strict building codes, to keep you and your family safe.  
  • Tourists: Florida is a top destination for tourists. Your out-of-state loved ones will want to visit once you get settled! When choosing a place to live, go with a bigger floor plan so you can have a spare bedroom just for guests. 
  • Wildlife: Have you ever heard of lovebugs? You will! Besides these twice-a-year visitors, the state is home to other insects that will make your outdoor activities a little more interesting. Enjoy Florida sunsets free of bugs from the screen porch of your manufactured home.
  • Weather: Yes, it gets hot outside, but the tropical weather pays off when friends up north are shoveling show. To keep cooling bills more manageable, choose a manufactured home constructed with green materials that reduce heating and cooling costs.

Pick the Perfect Florida Location for Your Manufactured Home

A major perk of buying a manufactured or modular home is picking the community you want to live in. Before making this decision, ask yourself what type of community you are looking for. Do you see yourself in a place like Orlando because you like to be in the middle of the activity or prefer a more secluded space away from tourism? Once you have a clear plan of the lifestyle you are going after, we will work with you to decide the best floor plan for you and your family. Picking a place won't be a problem since you can enjoy your Jacobsen Home from North Florida all the way to the Southeast and Florida Keys.

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