Design Ideas for Triple-Wide Manufactured Homes

Posted: November 02, 2021 by Jacobsen Homes

Triple-wides are a highly sought-after type of manufactured home. These large manufactured homes are usually in the 1,600 to 2,400 (or more) square foot range and are called triple-wides because they are constructed with three separate sections, which are joined together during assembly. 

Manufactured homes overall are highly customizable. Factor in the extra space that triple-wides provide, and the design ideas as well as the design options are endless. 

Customize the Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Triple-wide manufactured homes are more spacious, and in turn, have more flexibility when it comes to floor plan customization. Typically, you will be able to fit two, three, or four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms in a triple-wide. 

Choose fewer bedrooms to allow for more space in the common areas of your home such as your living room, dining room, and kitchen. If you want your bedrooms to be larger, you can also plan for fewer large bedrooms. Triple-wides also allow for more bedrooms without having to sacrifice the space in the other areas of your home if you need more bedrooms. 

Along with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, manufactured homes offer flexibility in their layout. Consider the purpose of each room and where you want it placed. For example, if you intend for one room to be a nursery or home office, you may want to put it further away from busy household areas. A home gym, on the other hand, would be just fine near the kitchen or living room. 

Create a Spacious Kitchen 

Triple-wides give you the flexibility to incorporate many kitchen design trends and necessities. The larger the kitchen, the more you’ll be able to incorporate into it. Triple-wide manufactured homes allow for: 

  • Ample countertop and prep space. Roomy kitchens allow for maximum space so that you can cook without getting crowded. 

  • Plenty of storage space. Storage space is something that’s high-value for every homeowner, and large kitchens allow for a great amount of storage space.

  • A kitchen island. Maximize your storage and prep space even further and create a focal point for your kitchen activities by adding a kitchen island. 

  • Extra seating. Add extra seating for friends and family at your kitchen island or incorporate a breakfast nook.

  • Room for regular and countertop appliances. Since you have extra kitchen space, you will have plenty of room for a dishwasher, microwave, and other household appliances without having to sacrifice storage or prep space. You can elevate your kitchen even more by upgrading to luxury kitchen appliances.

Update the Exterior 

Since triple-wide manufactured homes are larger, this gives you a few more options for your outdoor space. Add a large wraparound porch or deck to upgrade your manufactured home’s exterior, boost home value, and give you and your loved ones plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors.

If garage space is important to you, consider incorporating a single- or double-car garage in your floor plan. If you’d rather spend your square footage on other parts of your home, you can always add a carport or detached garage later on. 

Complete the Look With Luxury Features and Finishes 

Regardless of the size of your manufactured home, you can always elevate its style and boost its value with luxury, high-end features and finishes. In fact, you can customize almost every feature and finish on your manufactured home’s exterior and interior, including but not limited to:

  • Kichen and bathroom backsplash, sinks, cabinets, and countertops

  • Flooring

  • Appliances

  • Lighting

  • Interior and exterior doors

  • Lap siding 

  • Roof style and material 

  • Fireplace

  • Gardening and landscaping

  • Patio or deck space

What’s more, manufactured homes are a cost-effective alternative to site-built homes, which means that you can affordably upgrade to these luxury features for your manufactured home

Create Your Dream Triple-Wide Manufactured Home With Jacobsen Homes

Whether you value extra space, have a large family, or are looking for a home that your family can grow into, triple-wide manufactured homes offer sought-after versatility at a cost-effective price point. 

At Jacobsen Homes, we specialize in triple-wide manufactured home construction. Contact us today to get started or tour one of our model centers in Florida to see our homes firsthand.