Difference Between a Manufactured Home and a Traditional Home

Posted: October 28, 2020 by Jacobsen Homes

Current manufactured homes have come a long way from their historic roots. Today’s manufactured homes are similar to traditional homes, inside and out. However, there are a few key differences that set the two apart which you should consider before you buy your next home. Understanding the benefits of manufactured homes and traditional homes is important for making the best purchasing decision.

Differences in Construction

Traditional homes are constructed on-site over the course of a few months on a specific piece of land. These homes are regulated by local county law and city building codes, meaning multiple inspections must take place during the course of construction. The manner in which these homes are built tends to mean they cost more than their manufactured counterparts.

On the other hand, manufactured homes are built on a series of assembly lines inside of a climate-controlled facility. This eliminates delays from inclement weather and creates greater efficiency. Constructing homes on an assembly line reduces construction costs, and costs to the buyer. Manufactured homes are often ⅓ of the price of a traditional home.

Financing and Pricing

A manufactured home can be financed just like a site-built home. As with any mortgage, buyers typically mortgage a manufactured home for 15 or 30 years. It’s important to explore options and find a loan that best fits your needs and budget.

Note that, with a manufactured home, the buyer needs to purchase or lease the land separately. You may choose to finance the home and the land individually or together, or place the home on land you already own. Another option is to lease land in a manufactured home community, which may provide additional amenities and a great way to meet like minded new neighbors.

Features and Customization Options

One big difference when it comes to manufactured homes and traditional homes is the level of design control with a manufactured home. When buying a pre-existing traditional home, renovations take considerable time and money. Because manufactured homes are built to order, you get complete control over your home’s features. So if you’ve always been longing for a soaking tub, kitchen island, or wrap-around porch, purchasing a manufactured home makes it easy.

Final Decision: Manufactured Homes vs. Traditional Homes

When deciding which type of home is right for you, it’s important to weigh all of the possible pros and cons. Both modern manufactured homes and traditional homes have a lot of great benefits to offer homeowners. These days, manufactured homes are built with high quality materials, and are built to last the test of time. Manufactured homes are budget friendly and allow you to get more square feet for your money.

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