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So you’ve purchased a manufactured home – now what? Other than enjoying every square foot of your new home sweet home, there are a couple of things you should be aware of. Let’s talk about your manufactured home’s warranty, maintenance, and care.

Manufactured Home Warranty Information

Your new Jacobsen Home is covered by a 2-10 Manufactured Home Warranty. When you receive your warranty package, make sure to complete and mail in all warranty cards within this package. This will keep you and your home protected to the fullest extent of our warranty.

Jacobsen Homes provides the 2-10 Warranty because it provides comprehensive coverage on all things supplied and installed by Jacobsen Homes. This includes any structural defects or qualifying workmanship as a result of the manufacturing process of your new home.

Manufactured Home Maintenance and Care

Now that you’re a homeowner, we are proud to welcome you to the exciting world of home ownership! Along with the treasured memories you’ll create in this space, you’ll also want to adopt new cleaning and interior maintenance as well as exterior maintenance routines to help keep your manufactured home in terrific condition for years to come.

While each homeowner will find their own approach to home maintenance that best suits their lifestyle and family, our Home Owner’s Manual offers a variety of resources to help you begin building your ideal maintenance routine. From pre-vacation prep to annual must-dos, we’ve detailed the most critical components to maintaining a manufactured home that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Questions After Your Manufactured Home Purchase?

Still wondering about something specific to your purchased manufactured home from Jacobsen Homes? We are here to help however we can! Contact us today with questions or concerns you may have.