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Here at Jacobsen Homes, we offer the replacement of your mobile home with a new manufactured home. Mobile homes are homes built before 1976 are not held to the same HUD building codes as modern manufactured homes. (Learn more about the differences between mobile and manufactured homes.)

Why Buyers Replace Their Mobile Homes

There are many reasons to upgrade from a mobile to a manufactured home. Some of our customers purchased older mobile homes for the winter months, but then decided to make Florida their permanent residence and need to upgrade a larger, newer home. Other homeowners live in mobile homes year-round already, but realize that remodeling a mobile home to meet today’s building codes can be costlier than buying a new manufactured home. Buyers may also purchase older mobile homes in a desirable community to acquire the lot space and then replace it with a manufactured home, either as an investment or for their own families to live in.

As a manufactured home builder right here in Florida, we are committed to helping you upgrade from a mobile home into a new manufactured home that’s right for you. Browse our 1-5 bedroom floor plans or review our optional design features to start planning your home.

Contact a Mobile Home Replacement Specialist

If you want to discuss the best options for a mobile home replacement, please complete the request information form and one of our home specialists will contact you soon.

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