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One of the biggest benefits of manufactured homes is your ability to personalize them. You can customize your manufactured home’s floor plan, square footage, exterior features, and more.

Continue reading as we discuss the differences between double wide and triple wide manufactured homes, and how to choose the right one.

The Main Differences Between Double and Triple Wide Manufactured Home Configurations

While both are considered large manufactured homes, one of the main differentiators between double and triple wide homes is their size and the number of sections they have. Large manufactured homes resemble site-built homes in that they offer more interior space and floor plan variety.

Manufactured and modular homes are built in a climate-controlled factory and then assembled on-site. Transportation logistics, and cost varies depending on the size and options you select for your manufactured home. Larger homes may cost more to construct since they require more materials, however, manufactured homes are a cost-effective, efficient housing option.

Double Wides

Double wide manufactured homes have two separate sections that are assembled on site. They typically range from 864 to 2,085 square feet, and with two to four bedrooms. Double wide manufactured homes are a great option for growing families or those who need a moderate amount of space.

Triple Wides

Triple wide manufactured homes are manufactured homes built with three separate sections joined together. They are ideal for big families or those who enjoy having extra space. Triple wide manufactured homes can be built ranging from 1,600 to over 2,400 square feet, and can include two, three, or four bedrooms and two or three bathrooms.

Choosing the Right Size of Manufactured Home

Whether you choose a double wide or triple wide manufactured home will depend on your need for space. Along with choosing a home that meets your size requirements, you’ll want to select a manufacturer that constructs their homes with great quality and care.

While all manufactured home builders are legally required to offer a 12-month minimum warranty on their new constructions, Jacobsen Homes provides an additional two to 10 year Home Buyer’s Warranty to give you peace of mind.

If you’re deciding between a new manufactured home or a pre-owned home, look into the home’s warranty qualifications and the quality of the builder. Since manufactured home warranties cover structural defects, researching the manufacturer of a pre-owned home is especially important if the home’s warranty has expired.

Trust Jacobsen Homes to Build Your Dream Home

At Jacobsen Homes, our team of in-house engineers and highly skilled builders ensure our double wide and triple wide manufactured and modular homes are built to last. We use industry-leading technology and the highest level of quality and care when building each of our homes.

We offer a variety of luxury features that can be incorporated into any of our manufactured homes. Our sustainable building practices reduce environmental impact and help you experience the benefits of energy-efficient features long term.

Contact us today to create your dream home.