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Military members and veterans are vital to our society, and it is only right that they are able to own homes that they love. Manufactured homes offer a variety of amenities and benefits for active duty military members, veterans, and their families. Manufactured and modular homes are built quickly and efficiently with quality in mind. They provide the opportunity for military members to own and customize their own homes, with a variety of floor plans at a lower cost than a site-built home.

Here, we outline the benefits manufactured homes offer to veterans and military members, and how various manufactured home communities in Florida cater to veterans.

1. Short Construction Timelines

Many military families frequently change locations with little notice. Because of this, you may need to find a home quickly. Manufactured homes are the perfect alternative to renting a home.

Built in controlled environments, they are constructed to HUD certification standards. Unlike with a traditional home, you won’t have to worry about unforeseen weather conditions delaying construction. Always constructed indoors, there is no hassle with scheduling subcontractors, which often delays the home building process. Regardless of weather, manufactured homes simply take less time to build than traditional homes, while still assuring quality and offering customizable options.

2. Custom Features Available at a Lower Cost

Manufactured homes are the perfect option for military families and veterans, as they provide luxury living at an affordable price. When you purchase a new manufactured home, you know everything is brand new, reducing the stress of moving. You know you won’t have to worry about any unexpected defects or the previous owner’s bad taste when you finally say “I’m home.

In addition, manufactured homes are completely customizable, so you get exactly what you want at a lower cost right from the start. Whether you add a porch or interior upgrades, you can truly make your home your own, with no need to try to conform to a house near base that looks like a thousand others and only somewhat meets your needs.

3. Manufactured Homes Make Great Rental Properties

If you get transferred again or get deployed, you could choose to rent out your manufactured home and earn extra income. After all, more than 900 people a day move to Florida and many more spend winters here. You should have no trouble finding a renter to live in your home for whatever time you’re away. And, if you choose to sell, it’s good to know that manufactured homes hold their value.

4. Some Manufactured Home Communities are Built with Veterans in Mind

Florida offers a variety of manufactured communities that cater to veterans and military families. With 21 military bases in Florida, and many other veterans retiring here from northern states, you can readily find others who share similar experiences.

One example of a veteran-friendly manufactured home communities is Steiner Communities. Steiner Communities can be found throughout Florida, including right outside MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. It provides luxury living for veterans and others who are 55 are up.

How Jacobsen Homes Supports Veterans with Quality Manufactured Housing

Buying or building a home doesn’t have to be a long expensive process that makes a move more stressful on military families and veterans. You can even check with the VA for home loan options.

Built quickly at an affordable price, Jacobsen Homes manufactured and modular homes are an investment you can feel good about, knowing you’re providing your family with a comfortable home that fits your active, ever changing lifestyle. Explore all of our floor plans—which are available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms and from 500 up to 2,000 square feet—and then schedule a tour to see the quality of our homes in person!